Precision oncology & personalized healthcare

We help realize a data-driven, personalized standard of care that treats patients based on their unique disease characteristics.

Precision oncology for better patient outcomes

The way people are being treated and diseases are being prevented is changing…for the good. For years, patients diagnosed with a disease often received the same treatment. And for some people, that treatment worked. However, for other patient populations it did not at all work – or only marginally or with serious side effects. This meant that, on average, only 50% of patients benefited from their treatment. This is changing with mapping of the genome, new analytical methods, and new scientific and technological advances. We are rapidly moving towards individualized treatments and disease interventions that will change how we care for people around the world.

Both researchers and physicians are expected to produce, integrate, and increasingly use large data sets on patients, diseases, and treatments. By mining this data, they will be able to gain new insights into what works and what doesn’t work for patient sub-populations. They will be able to better develop, match, and continuously optimize treatment for patients.

What we do

Combining deep medical expertise with cutting edge digital capabilities to deliver novel solutions for our clients and their patients.

Advanced Analytics

Leveraging our data science expertise: accelerate R&D, enable clinically relevant biomarkers, action patient care analytics along their lifespan.

Experience and service strategy and design

Shaping and designing industry-leading patient and healthcare professional experiences and services with our business service design arm Fjord.

Data and platform strategies

Aggregating, analyzing and actioning patient data and insight from across their healthcare and everyday experience using architectures and platforms, including INTIENT.

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Launching and achieving growth in Oncology

New science, more choices, and changing economics are redefining the healthcare landscape. We have conducted research to understand how oncology companies are responding to these trends.

The potential of precision oncology

Precision oncology holds great promise for reshaping the way we treat cancer, yet our research shows that there is still some way to go to realizing its full potential.


For the most expensive precision medicine today.


New cancer drugs are currently in late-stage development, and over 90% of these are targeted therapies.


Growth of Immuno-Oncology market compared to overall oncology market by 2022.

What we think

What can Pharma Cos do differently when launching new innovative products for precision medicine and personalized healthcare?

Digital technologies are emerging to improve customer experience. We provide insights on how to revolutionize patient services

BioPharma is in disruption. See how leaders are using New Science to compete in the current healthcare landscape

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Client collaboration

We bring the latest technology and industry expertise to our clients to design new services and solutions that benefit patients across the world.

Roche: bringing Tumor Boards to hospitals

We partner with Roche to integrate the Navify® Tumor Board solution in hospitals. Learn more.

Merck & AWS: cloud-based informatics platform

We collaborated with Merck and Amazon Web Services to launch a cloud-based informatics research platform. Learn more.

Roche: data-driven analytics to manage diabetes

We collaborated with Roche to improve how diabetes care is managed and delivered. Learn more.

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