Cloud migration

Accelerate your migration to the cloud while minimizing disruption to the business.

Less guesswork, more value

Research shows that two-thirds of companies aren’t seeing the expected benefits from their cloud migration. Isn’t it time you tried something different? Something better?

Accenture myNav is a new cloud platform designed to assess, disposition, architect and simulate cloud solutions at scale to determine which will best fit your business requirements. MyNav is unique in the market, taking the guesswork out of cloud solutioning – lowering risk, cost and the time required to achieve your strategic business objectives.



Our comprehensive cloud migration framework brings industrialized capabilities together with exclusive tools, methods, and automation across all cloud varieties (public, private, hybrid) and multiple delivery methods (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS).

Migration discovery and analysis

Using proprietary tools, we scan and assess your infrastructure, application & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs.

Migration strategy

Leveraging data from discovery and analysis, we assess your business needs, identify opportunities and recommend the optimal migration strategy.

Migration planning

Our analysis tools help discover dependencies to prioritize applications and identify required remediations helping you reduce risk, time and cost.

Migration execution

We use automated management and migration tools to support a smooth transition, along with a cloud transformation management plan to stay on track.

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How we work

Accenture helps you navigate the cloud, selecting the right architecture and building a solution that meets your strategic business needs. Leveraging a full suite of proprietary tools and established cloud factories, we help accelerate your cloud migration and realize business value.


Helps navigate the complexities of the cloud landscape to select the right architecture and solution to meet your specific business needs. Read more.

Cloud factory

Powered by 500+ reusable assets to rapidly deploy, provision & migrate workload to more agile Cloud environments across our global delivery network.

Accelerate for Cloud (A4C)

Supports migration by automating recurring tasks, compressing timelines, and providing a single point of control – all integrated with myWizard®.

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What we think

Alliances and partners

No challenge is out of reach. We extend our industry expertise and comprehensive cloud services through a vast global network of market leaders and innovators.

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