How Accenture does IT

Accenture's internal IT organization is at the forefront of innovation, providing the infrastructure and services that enable us to serve our clients.

Enabling Accenture

Our internal IT organization’s capabilities are advancing Accenture’s digital transformation for the post-digital world. We are helping Accenture apply the New now in its own business by pivoting to a new IT posture through a focus on cloud, platforms, ecosystem partners, enterprise intelligence, and collaboration. This posture is allowing our internal IT people to develop leading business solutions in different ways—and faster and more cost-effectively—while enabling Accenture people to work in a modern manner and with better information.

Accenture runs on Microsoft

Microsoft solutions are helping speed up our workforce and elevate our digital workers to a new level of performance.

Accenture is working at speed to deploy and adopt a new way of collaborating in the New.

Accenture migrates to Microsoft Office 365 on a journey to the cloud at scale.

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Accenture is powered by SAP

Our implementation of SAP S/4HANA is a demonstration of truly leading in the New.

Accenture implemented SAP S/4HANA for the company’s central ERP system, and one of the first companies of our size and scale to migrate.

Accenture adopts SAP Ariba’s Guided Buying on SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing SaaS for an improved user experience and increased procurement savings.

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Case studies

Accenture in India applies the New now with an innovative Digital People Advisor.

Our internal IT develops predictive analytics solutions to help our people make better, faster, more accurate and more consistent decisions.

Harnessing new technology for digital contracting.

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CIO 24/7 podcast series

Our CIO 24/7 podcast series takes a closer look at the IT operations that enable Accenture people to work at the forefront of innovation. Putting a spotlight on individuals in the organization making an impact across the business and in their local communities.

People are listening and others are taking notice. Accenture has been recognized by Communicator Awards, including the 2019 Award of Excellence in the General-Corporate Communications category for our “Girls Who Code” podcast and the 2019 Award of Excellence in the Future-Series category for our “Workplace of the Future” podcast. We invite you to take a listen and hear what we have to say.





CIO 24/7 Podcast Trailer

Accenture's CIO 24/7 podcast shows how our internal IT organization driving innovation for our clients. See more.

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Insights from our blog

How Accenture Does IT: Our internal IT organization’s capabilities are advancing Accenture’s digital transformation for the post-digital world.

Microsoft Teams is igniting a communications revolution

Microsoft Teams is igniting a communications revolution by collaborating with vendors, partners, and clients.

How we created a technology solution to enable Accenture’s reimagined performance management approach

Accenture Human Resources designs Performance Achievement - a new performance management approach, with custom Microsoft .NET code and AWS.

Predictive models: How Accenture now predicts the probability of winning sales

Accenture applies AI technologies and embeds insight into business applications to enable our people to make better business decisions.

The leading-edge playlist

Our transformation to the New is positioning Accenture for the post-digital world, one characterized by companies looking for the next competitive edge. But it doesn’t mean digital is over. Implementing digital solutions has been fundamental to our journey—and likely will be to your organization’s, too. Get inspired by our videos that show how we’re applying digital technologies to existing business capabilities or transforming them to change the way Accenture operates.


Powering the Intelligent Enterprise

Accenture's Dan Kirner discusses how our implementation of SAP S/4HANA is groundbreaking and helping us deliver value across the enterprise. See more.

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Meet our CIO

Awards & recognition

A closer look at the accolades that the global IT organization at Accenture has won.

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How Artificial Intelligence is, and will continue, redefining job roles

Artificial Intelligence is redefining roles across industries as it allows people to take on higher-value and more specialized work.

Accenture CIO: I am the Chief HR Officer of the Non-Human Workforce

How the CIO role has evolved from a focus on data centers, systems, servers, network, firewalls, and securing the organization to focusing on the experience and looking to be a conductor of technology.

Self-service analytics at Accenture boosts knowledge workers

Accenture’s enterprise analytics and AI models are helping the firm on several fronts, including determining sales opportunities, pricing deals and complying with internal and customer expense policies.