Today’s pioneering enterprises are doing more than just talking a good digital game. They are fundamentally changing the way they look at themselves and quickly mastering the shift from “me” to “we.”

Proactive corporate leaders see their businesses, employees and customers as a living, breathing digital fabric offering unprecedented opportunity to establish beachheads in new markets, drive profit and change life for the better.

Through the transformational power of this network, we’re witnessing the birth of a new era of “digital ecosystems.”

The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 maps out five key trends: The Internet of Me, Outcome Economy, Platform (R)evolution, Intelligent Enterprise and Workforce Reimagined.

How to sum it all up? It’s not just about you — or me, or anyone else in particular. It’s about all of us — The “We Economy”.





Executive Summary



Internet of Me

Our world, personalized


Outcome Economy

Hardware producing hard results


Platform (R)evolution

Platform (R)evolution

Defining ecosystems, redefining industries


Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprise

Huge data, smarter systems—better business


Workforce Reimagined

Workforce Reimagined

Collaboration at the intersection of humans and machines

The Evolution

Flexing Your Muscles in the “We Economy”
Collectively, the five trends from our Technology Vision 2015 represent the newest expression of Accenture’s stance that “every business is a digital business,” which we first introduced in our 2013 report. The 2015 trends provide additional components to Accenture’s multiyear perspective on technology’s tectonic shifts and their impacts on the strategies and operational priorities for organizations worldwide. Each of this year’s trends maps back to those we identified from 2013 and 2014.

Our Perspective


Stretch Your Boundaries to Succeed in the “We Economy”
“We Economy” pioneers will drive positive change on a global scale by stretching their traditional boundaries — realizing ambitions that transcend single business or industry.

About Tech Vision

Each year, our Technology Vision pinpoints the emerging technology trends that will impact large enterprises in the next 3-5 years based on our insights and research. Our 2015 Technology Vision research process began by gathering inputs from the Technology Vision External Advisory Board, which is a group comprising executives and entrepreneurs from the public and private sectors, academia, venture capital, and startups. We then interviewed 100+ technology luminaries, industry experts, and Accenture business leaders. Next, we crowdsourced ideas from more than 1,700 Accenture people. In parallel, Accenture Research conducted a global survey of 2,000 business and IT executives across nine countries and 10 industries to gather insights into the adoption of emerging technologies.

Accenture is a leading global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with approximately 319,000 employees and $30 billion in net revenue in 2014. Our expertise spans more than 40 industries, and we have operations in more than 200 cities across 56 countries.

Four growth platforms — Strategy, Digital, Technology and Operations — are the innovation engines through which we build world class skills and capabilities, develop knowledge capital and create and manage key assets that are central to the development of integrated services and solutions for our clients.

Accenture is incorporated in Dublin and our shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker ACN.

Team members

Moving Forward

Getting to Know Your Digitally Empowered Self
We’re becoming one with our everyday objects and routines, as digital channels burrow deep into personal and work life. Capitalizing on these “points of access” to engage consumers, without breaching trust, is paramount. It’s a delicate dance. The success stories will be the next generation of household names.


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Internet of Me
Today, every experience is becoming not just a personalized experience, but an individualized one. Enterprises are using smart objects to rethink how companies can go beyond just providing “things” to providing products and services molded specifically to you.