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Top 10 challenges for investment banks

Accelerating Simplification, Digitization and Innovation in 2017

As Accenture’s ninth annual Top 10 Challenges for Investment Banks series goes to print, the industry is still laboring under cost and regulatory pressures and wrestling with digital technologies.

“Business as usual” is no longer an option and the investment banking industry has shifted gears accordingly: there is growing interest in digital technologies, utilities and ecosystems, as banks look beyond their own four walls to accelerate the creation of new capabilities.

For our 2017 edition, this acceleration plays out across our Top 10 Challenges program in three key areas: simplification, digitization and innovation. Banks are simplifying to cut costs, improve growth and serve clients better. They are digitizing to attract the right talent and improve the client experience. Also, they are innovating to improve the research function and make the most of fintech and distributed ledger technology. The world is accelerating. The challenge for investment banks in the next year and beyond is to keep pace.

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It is all about simplification, digitization and innovation!

Bob Gach on the Top 10 Challenges for Investment Banks 2017, which emphasizes old and new environmental challenges and how fintech could help address these challenges. Cost reduction remains relevant but banks should look into directing some of the savings to growth initiatives.

Paula O`Reilly discusses the biggest challenge for Investment Banks

Paula O`Reilly on the Top 10 Challenges for Investment Banks 2017 and the pace of change along with a number of new factors that are affecting the industry. She shares insights on how the Top 10 Challenges could provide some guidance on what topics might be worth a closer look as we move into 2017.

2017 is going to be a year of transition for Investment Banks

Watch Dan Pitchenik take on why 2017 is a year of transition for investment banks. He also explains why this year offers attractive prospects for growth and how to manage new opportunities.

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