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To Be A Disruptive Bank, Empower People First

Most bankers recognize the swift and ever-increasing pace of technology change that is influencing and impacting their business. Banks that act fast to manage the disruption will need to evolve their corporate culture to empower people—customers, workers and ecosystem partners—to accomplish more with technology and usher in the new business strategies that those technologies drive.

The 2016 Accenture Technology Vision for Banking looks at five emerging technology trends behind a "people first" approach: Platform Economy, Digital Trust, Liquid Workforce, Intelligent Automation and Predictable Disruption.

Banks will need to address each trend first, from both a strategic business and technology enablement lens, to deliver digital banking through the most effective means possible: People.

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85% of bankers expect the pace of technology change to increase rapidly or at an unprecedented rate



Steve Westland

Managing Director
Accenture Strategy - Technology Strategy
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Emmanuel Viale 

Managing Director
Accenture Technology Labs—Europe
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Schira Lillis

Principle Director
Global Financial Services Research
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