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Accenture leads as the BFS analytics services provider

Accenture is prominently positioned in the "Winner's Circle" in the HfS Research Blueprint Report.


HfS Research recently completed its first ever Analytics Services Blueprint for the banking and financial services industry vertical. This is a comparative analysis of the innovation and execution capabilities of service providers in this market. As a result of this research, Accenture was described as “Creating an industrialized analytics model using FinTech innovation” in addition to receiving placement within the “Winner’s Circle."

Research Highlights

The HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentials between service providers across a number of criteria under two main categories: Innovation and execution. According to HfS Research, Accenture’s strengths include:

  • Building out an industrialized model for banking analytics: After significant experience in running consulting and project-based analytics engagements in risk and compliance, Accenture is now working with clients to establish a more ongoing, interactive engagement, including addressing emerging analytics requirements.

  • Leveraging alliances as a source of innovation: Accenture has a differentiated role as an industry leader-and enabler for innovation in banking and financial services. Clients particularly value the Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab, Accenture Tech Labs, the Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics, the Accenture and Stevens Financial Services Analytics Innovation Program, and the company’s technology alliances for their access to innovative technology developments in BFS analytics.

  • Industry thought leadership and breadth of talent across big data and analytics technologies: Accenture’s clients feel confident in accessing best practices and innovation through its cross-industry talent, in particular its data visualization, machine learning, and advanced analytics capabilities for fraud and marketing operations.