Accenture Digitization Index report 2016

Find out the Pioneers of Digitization in Turkey.


The Accenture Digitization Index was developed to evaluate the status of Turkish economy's leading sectors in their digitization journey, examine companies' digital capabilities, and highlight their digital potentials. The Accenture Digitization Index study has been conducted in 2016 for the second time in Turkey. The study provides a report based on data and evaluations to measure to what extent companies' strategies, their customer facing services and their internal operations have been digitized and aims to turn numeric results into useful insights.

The Index measures companies' digital capabilities in three dimensions: Digital Strategy, Digital Services and Digital Enablement which consist of 10 main criteria. Companies' digitization performances are measured by aggregating all the results obtained from 119 indicators under these 10 criteria.




What is digitization?

Digitization is the process of turning a company's resources into new sources of revenue, growth and other operational results which add value to the company, by leveraging opportunities offered by digital technologies. In other words, digitization is developing new business models, creating unique customer experiences, building new products and services as well as utilizing a company's resources in a much more efficient way through new combinations of information, human capital and technology assets of a company. Leaders, who aim to gain a competitive advantage, put the concept of digitization at the center of their companies and differentiate their companies with digitization practices they use in their internal (Digital Enablement), customer facing (Digital Services) and corporate strategy activities. The preliminary condition for companies not to fall behind in this contest is the execution of a balanced digitization in all of these different areas and the formation of corporate structures which enable them to make the most of new digital business models.

Scientific methodology

Accenture Digitization Index examines companies' level of digitization under three main dimensions: Digital Strategy, Digital Services and Digital Enablement. An assessment based on these three dimensions and their 10 main underlying criteria reveals a company's "digital maturity" profile.

Digital Strategy dimension shows to what extent digitization is integrated to a company’s strategy in attaining its objectives and targets.

Digital Services dimension assesses a company's products, solutions and services as well as the associated functions. The extent to which companies digitize their interactions with their customers before, during and after the sale also contributes to the assessment.

Digital Enablement assesses to what extent a company supports its organizational workflow, internal processes and operations by leveraging digital technologies and applications as well as designing their governance structures in order to reach the maximum benefit from digitization.

In order to calculate the Accenture Digitization Index score of a company, we used a hierarchical scoring system. A weight has been assigned to each of the 10 criteria underlying the above mentioned three main dimensions. The weight reflects the importance of the respective criterion in the Accenture Digitization Index score. Companies' digitization performances are measured by aggregating results from 119 indicators under these 10 criteria. Weights of these 119 indicators were also determined based on their respective importance within each criterion.

Digitization pioneers

Based on our methodology, companies with an Accenture Digitization Index score of 81 percent or above (a standard deviation on top of Turkey's average score of 61 percent) meet a significant number of requirements for a successful digital transformation journey, and we call these companies "Digitization Pioneers.”

Twenty-three out of 106 companies that participated in this year's study reached a score equal to or higher than 81 percent, and have been categorized as "Digitization Pioneers." We were able to identify many Digitization Pioneers from Financial Services and Retail industries. Yet the appearance of many other companies from various industries among the list of Digitization Pioneers demonstrates that companies, irrespective of their industries, have the potential to increase their digital maturity to much higher levels.

Our recommendations

We can summarize the necessary actions to be taken by business leaders in 5 steps, per the results of the Accenture Digitization Index study:

  1. Understand Where You Are and Develop Your Digitization Strategy

  2. Build Strong Foundations

  3. Differentiate Your Company Through Digitization

  4. Monitor Your Progress Continuously through the Right Governance Structures

  5. Do not Underestimate the Importance of Macro-Level Collaboration

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