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A new way of working

Located in the heart of Dublin’s tech quarter, The Dock is a design-led, multidisciplinary research and incubation hub.

Home to designers, developers and experts in artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT, blockchain, security and mixed reality, The Dock is where we investigate, imagine and bring new ideas to life.

It is a destination where we explore and experience how digital and emerging technologies will transform businesses and society.



our story
so far


At the heart of The Dock, we run a broad range of cross-industry R&D projects that bring together our multidisciplinary teams.

We are incubating and scaling new products and services; innovating with clients to bring new and emerging technologies to life, while helping them to apply these innovations to their businesses, today.



The Dock has been designed and built to meet today's demands and to adapt to the needs of a future workforce.


10,000+ sensors


Enter The Dock

The building contains thousands of sensors
that are connected to a centralised Accenture
owned IoT platform, which helps people in the
building understand how it is being used, and
how they can navigate the space and
collaborate with colleagues.  

The building also serves as a model that
can be applied to connected spaces across
the globe, from airports and stadiums, to
hospitals and much more.

We’re just getting started.

1,000,000 data points
every day

300 innovators


Interested in a career
at The Dock?

We’re hiring! 


Our leadership team

Julie Spillane

"Innovation requires a combination of strategy, content and culture. Making it real is about people testing, prototyping and learning every day."


Julie Spillane


Ryan Shanks

"We move past the buzzwords to help our clients identify actionable ideas to build their future."


Ryan Shanks

Client Director

Mark Dineen

"The best thing about working here? Seeing new ideas and projects emerge with results that you know are going to have a profound impact on society and the organisations of the future."


Mark Dineen

Portfolio Director

Lorna Ross

"Design does not fix problems, it’s a process by which problems get fixed by people."


Lorna Ross

Fjord Group Director

Dadong Wan

"We bring to life "The Art of Possible" with artificial intelligence, by creating proof-of-concepts grounded in real-world business problems and datasets."


Dadong Wan

Accenture Labs Fellow

David Kerins

“What inspires me? The sheer magnitude and creativity of what our teams do at The Dock each and every day, as they work together to deliver real-world impact.”


David Kerins

Operations Director

Rory Timlin

“We leverage advances in data science, natural language processing and machine learning to create new ideas, assets and solutions for our clients.”


Rory Timlin

Analytics Senior Principal

Enrico Gentili

“Innovation is not only about technology; solid engineering and architecture principles combined with a human-tailored, lean approach to software development is a must”.


Enrico Gentili

Director of Software Engineering

Aisling Campbell

“Our core belief is that people are the lifeblood of innovation; to be successful, we need to keep them at the heart of everything we do.”


Aisling Campbell

HR Lead

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For all media enquiries, please contact Caroline Douglas.



7 Hanover Quay, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2.
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