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Global Reporting Initiative Index

We use the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines as a foundation for our reporting approach.

Accenture uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines as a foundation for our reporting approach and we self-declare our 2016 Corporate Citizenship Report to be in accordance with the Core option of the G4 guidelines.

For more information about these guidelines, please visit the GRI website. The top two rows of our reporting prioritization matrix (see page 9 of our 2016 Corporate Citizenship Report) represent the most important aspects of our non-financial reporting, and serve as the basis for the topics included in our GRI Index.

Instructions – Below is the GRI Index corresponding to Accenture's 2016 Corporate Citizenship Report. Click on the "+" below to view the detailed indicators.

Indicator Description Fiscal 2016 Response & Reference
General Standard Disclosures
Specific Standard Disclosures
Category: Environment
Category: Social - Labor Practices and Decent Work
Category: Social - Human Rights
Category: Social – Society
Category: Social - Product Responsibility