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Today’s challenges are too complex to be solved by any individual person or nation. The solutions of the future will require the creativity and innovation of us all because only by working together will we be able to create a better world. This is the challenge that has been set for the latest Accenture Digital Hackathon, which will involve the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey.

It is to be Accenture’s first connected hackathon! An exceptional opportunity to come together with other young talents in a challenge of international scope, sharing ideas and experimenting with the latest technologies and innovations.

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Special Expo 2020 Award

The winning team will have the unique opportunity to present their idea to the organizing committee of Expo 2020, during Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Award terms and Conditions



During our 24-hour marathon the participants will be asked to prototype ideas, products and services that are able to create social and economic value for the community by hacking everyday objects. Participants will be asked to use digital technologies in creative, innovative ways to benefit people and the environment with a view to offering solutions in a range of fields.

The projects executed by the teams for the competition will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges, some of which will be members of Accenture senior management, along with other authoritative figures from the world of high-tech and innovation.

The three winning teams will be awarded with technological voucher.

At the end of the ceremony, the first teams in each city will then be invited to compete head to head against the winners from the other cities in order to determine the top three teams overall.

Experience the unforgettable thrill of coming together, for two days in an amazing setting, with peers who share the same passion for digital technology and innovation.

Participation is entirely free of charge and open to both individuals and teams of 3 to 5 people, and those who are best able to stand out in the eyes of the judges will be rewarded with fantastic prizes.

Sign up now! Head over to the Eventbrite page and send us your CV to

For the registration of existing teams, it is important to include the name of the team in the e-mail message along with your CV.

Accenture Digital Hackathon rules

Frequently Asked Questions



Each location will announce the Top 3 teams in ranking locally. Additionally, the Team Ranked #1 from each location will present their Project and Prototypes in a Video Conference to the «Connected Jury». The «Connected Jury» will then select The Top 3 teams which will be awarded the EALA Prizes.

Local prizes will be:
Gift cards of 1500TL per person for 1st place team
Gift cards of 900TL per person for 2nd place team
Gift cards of 600TL per person for 3rd place team​

EALA prizes will be:
Gift cards of 1000€ per person for 1st place team
Gift cards of 600€ per person for 2nd place team
Gift cards of 400€ per person for 3rd place team

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