Driving digital transformation through analytics

See how analytics can help you reinvent your business, expand into new markets and discover new ways to monetize data


High performing companies recognize that data is a strategic asset and strive to adopt a data-driven culture.

From theory to practice. We help clients decide where to focus and how to begin. From targeted pilots to scaled, enterprise-wide activations, we get initiatives up and running in weeks, not months.

We balance pragmatism and innovation to help you achieve your goals. Whether your organization has dedicated data and analytics teams or you are first defining your data needs, we help separate the signal from the noise to deliver results.

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Is your company unleashing the full potential of data from inside and outside your enterprise?

Accenture helps organizations with their journey from issues to high performance outcomes. We look at ways to leverage emerging technologies along with existing systems and enterprise data to build a modern data supply chain that enables data to flow throughout an organization to where it is needed, and when it is needed to bring insights and value.

Accenture Applied Intelligence: Big Data Supply Chain


Big Data

Big Success with Big Data

According to a new Accenture Applied Intelligence survey, companies using big data are positive about their shift to digital.

Our key findings show that big data is taking off. Employees who have completed projects using big data are overwhelmingly satisfied. And we found that large companies are benefiting from big data – the bigger the organization, the better the results.

The promise of analytics is huge: data-based decisions, leading to clear business outcomes, offering a measurable return on investment.

But in order to realize success, it is essential that you have an analytics plan to ensure you get the most from your data.

The ability to gain insights from your data is critical – it lets you quickly identify and tackle your most complex business issues. With experience across every industry, we can help you turn insights into action, and action into tangible results.

Case Study

Thames Water: Using data to optimize the UK’s largest provider of water

Thames Water is responsible for supplying public water and wastewater management for much of Greater London and the Thames Valley. By using Accenture’s Smart Grid services, the company can access real-time data to improve their overall performance.

Thames Water aimed to use data to provide efficient, high-quality customer service. Accenture helped create a single view of the company's operating systems and assets, such as pipe and treatment facilities.

Between September 2013 and March 2015, Accenture implemented advanced analytics, which enabled more efficient water sourcing and remote asset monitoring. The data helped the utility giant anticipate equipment failures and respond in near real-time to critical situations, such as leaks or adverse weather events.

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Modern Data Supply Chain

Data Acceleration: Architecture for the Modern Day Supply Chain

To unlock the value hidden in their data companies must start treating data as a supply chain, enabling it to flow easily and usefully through the entire organization—and eventually throughout each company’s ecosystem of partners, including suppliers and customers.

Why Accenture

Accenture Applied Intelligence

Accenture Applied Intelligence helps businesses break down data silos and liberate their data. By freeing your data to move seamlessly across the data supply chain, we help businesses surface insights that are universally accessible across the organization in near real-time.

As your business goals evolve, so will your data supply chain -- and the technologies that support it. Accenture helps clients maintain their best data supply chain over time, so they continue to unlock the value of the business in their data.

Extracting the greatest value from big data requires the right structure, processes, and configuration of components in your data supply chain. It also requires the right talent and technologies. Accenture is technology-agnostic, creating end-to-end solutions to suit each client situation and empower businesses to achieve their specific goals.

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