Digital worker: New employee experience

A new employee experience

As Accenture leads in the new and becomes a digital enterprise, employees likewise need to be empowered and enabled to become “digital workers.” It’s a goal of putting a completely new next generation of employee experience into the hands of Accenture people through new capabilities.

Empowering employees digitally is about increasing productivity, but also about fostering innovation, collaboration and creativity. To make all of this happen for a hyper-scaled workforce of more than 400,000 employees, Accenture’s internal IT organization is developing, enhancing and deploying an array of capabilities to Accenture people globally.

From one-size to flexible

Accenture’s digital worker strategy is to move away from the traditional PC-centric way of working to more mobile ways of working with mobile apps, using cloud-based capabilities and providing people access to some of the newest technology as it becomes available.

Additionally, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Accenture’s IT organization is deploying capabilities that focus on user need, experience and engagement, and capabilities that are integrated and seamless, allowing users to do their best work wherever they are and on whatever device. The strategy also builds on Accenture’s significant investments in social, mobile, pervasive video, broadcasting and secure network.

To put this strategy into action, several teams are involved with the digital worker initiative. Efforts are an ongoing journey, with teams adopting new capabilities and evolving existing investments. The various initiatives are shown below.

Windows 10

An innovative In-Place Upgrade tool is enabling deployments at scale and pace. Migrating to Office 2016 is providing a refreshed set of features

Office 365

Moving to Microsoft’s “vNext” cloud environment gives Accenture the ability to deliver new Office capabilities to Accenture people at speed.

Skype for Business

The main digital communications tool across Accenture to communicate, meet virtually, and collaborate online.

Surface Hubs

Allow click-to-join on Skype for Business calls and live collaboration with meeting participants on a shared whiteboard.

Microsoft Teams

A “one-stop shop” digital workplace for teams to stay connected and reduce e-mail.

Accenture Productions

An in-house, fully equipped production capability and team that delivers broadcast and video experiences.

Pop-in studios

Leverages Accenture’s internal core infrastructure to enable a network of small-scale studios in Accenture office conference rooms.


An application allowing Accenture people to create do-it-yourself, interactive videos with clickable, embedded content.

New Internal Platform

A new personalized Accenture Portal is being rolled out that is transforming the way people receive corporate communications.

Mobile Apps

Capturing common “moments” employees have when interacting with key systems and simplifying those moments through a mobile platform.

Teams, Groups, Planner

Supports Accenture’s digital worker vision of providing capabilities that are integrated and seamless, increase productivity and enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime.


Knowing that technology continues to change the way people live and work, Accenture’s IT organization continually evaluates, enhances and deploys the tools employees need to do their work, connect and innovate in new ways that best serve clients.