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New behaviors and habits to support customer experience and growth

Bank of Ireland accepts the 30 Day Challenge to kick-start a new digital, customer-centric culture.


The Bank of Ireland is a leading retail and commercial bank offering retail, business and corporate banking services along with life insurance and investments services to more than 1.6 million customers. As part of the bank’s strategy to grow its business, it sought to improve the customer experience, particularly through the use of digital technologies. To fuel this agenda, the bank wanted to build a more digital culture internally.

Accenture Strategy helped the bank kick-start its new digital, customer-centric culture through a 30 Day Challenge. This challenge is a series of 30 micro-challenges over the course of 30 days that enables participants to practice new behaviors and ways of working.

Following the 30 Day Challenge, employees gained a greater understanding of how to use social media as well as the shared experience of being part of a social community. Furthermore, almost two thirds of participants reported that the challenge caused them to think differently about how they deliver customer service.

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The bank recognized an opportunity to improve the sense of community and engagement within its retail business, promoting collaboration between different stakeholder groups and enhancing its adoption of social collaboration and Yammer, the enterprise social software tool. The initiative was underpinned by neuroscience principles and behavioral change insights, supported by a robust communications strategy, and deployed using Yammer to help drive enterprise social adoption and a sustained shift in behavior.

To further support engagement in the initiative, participation was gamified through leadership boards and rewards. In addition, the Retail Leadership Team was engaged and coached on driving participation within their populations. Business dashboards were developed to help track both participation and engagement.