Digital Data and Analytics

Harness the power of data to better understand the context behind behaviors in order to measurably improve customer experiences.

Discover how data drives customer experiences

What if you could predict customer behavior in order to personalize and enhance their experience? It's not magic—it's Experience Analytics. Accenture Interactive's teams have deep insights into leveraging the latest in digital analytics in order to go beyond measurement.

We understand analytics toolsets across implementation, data transformation and management, cross-channel attribution, reporting, and optimization, so we can cater any solution to meet the requirements for all organizational assets.

Our iterative process starts by defining strategic business goals and developing policies to improve decision making. Then we implement and integrate omni-channel data sources for a holistic view of the customer journey. Finally, we scale capabilities and talent across the organization to allow for strategic advancement. Together, these processes help identify customers and improve marketing performance.

How we help

We know how to assess what influences behavior across channels and use that knowledge to improve individual experiences and measure the impact.

Audience analysis and segmentation

Tailor experiences seamlessly across channels using segmentation and targeting to identify customers and improve performance.

Audits and assessments

Assess tools, vendors, implementations, operating models, and reporting capabilities to highlight gaps and opportunities.

Data generation and implementation

Best-in-class implementation of tools and deployment of data collection tactics and processes across digital channels

Reporting and insight generation

Reporting that shows business impact, provides clear next steps and can be operationalized for clients

Digital strategy and governance

Identify opportunities and barriers to developing a leading multi-channel analytics practice across tools, people and process.

Omnichannel attribution

Focus on performance measurement across stage, channel, and behaviors to understand influence and return for each channel.

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Case studies

Subway’s recipe for success? Continuous experience design, data analytics and a culture of personalization.

Creating the right experience for each guest at Meliá Hotels.

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What we think

Ready, reset, reinvent: the emerging trends in business, tech and design.

Customer experience matters more than ever, yet designing “great” experiences that perform is a universal business challenge. Here's a new approach.

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