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Accenture IP migration services: Services overview

IP Migration Services help clients maintain business model flexibility, increase wireline competitiveness and generate financial and operational benefits.


In order to reduce network operating costs and generate increased annual revenue per user (ARPU), communications service providers are increasingly seeking new approaches to optimize their network investment. Accelerated migrations offer opportunities to optimize both network performance and the operating model, improving organizational agility while reducing cost and enhancing cross-organization alignment.

Accenture IP Migration Services offers providers new opportunities to accelerate consumer and enterprise migrations from legacy copper- and time-division multiplexing (TDM)-based networks to fiber- and Internet protocol (IP)-centric services, while retiring legacy offerings and decommissioning underlying support infrastructure. By enhancing migration optimization and scalability, Accenture IP Migration Services helps our clients to maintain business model flexibility, increase wireline competitiveness and generate significant financial and operational benefits. Our solution offers a path to more agile, programmable network services and flexible infrastructure.

Why Accenture

Accenture IP Migration Services offers the industry’s only end-to-end legacy migration solution. It contains a pre-integrated suite of tools that can help establish and manage legacy migration programs from analysis and planning through execution, providing clear benefits in four major areas:

  • Scenario planning. Accenture’s Industry-leading analytical capabilities can help clients to define a robust business case and a clear strategy covering consumer and enterprise businesses. Accenture leverages historical data and sensitivity analysis to predict customer migration, IP upsell, and legacy

  • Product mapping. Accenture helps clients streamline their product portfolio for migration, selecting the right IP products and features to optimize migrations and maximize revenue.

  • Workflow execution. Accenture executes migrations using a flexible delivery and staffing model that includes qualified engineers specializing in legacy technologies.

Accenture implements a defined set of segment-specific migration work processes that streamline cross-functional work order creation and execution, sequencing multi-location network migrations and coordinating customer migration communications and execution across sales, marketing and operations.

  • Program management. Accenture tracks program execution and results with migration-specific key metrics dashboards, using a single integrated system to manage cross-silo program issues and status reporting.

Accenture’s distinctive combination of advantages can help deliver up to an 80 percent reduction in migration failures. We also can help achieve a 30+ percent cost reduction in the operation of legacy networks through business process outsourcing and incremental customer upselling opportunities.

Specific Services

Accenture’s capabilities in Network IP Transformation provide a comprehensive value proposition for transformation programs. We can assist providers in accelerating their migrations while helping to optimize their network investments, decrease network operating costs and generate increases in ARPU.


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