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Accenture enterprise acceleration
services: Summary

Accenture Enterprise Acceleration Services helps communications service providers increase revenue in their enterprise businesses.


Today’s environment is posing major challenges for several aspects of the enterprise businesses of communications service providers:

  • Revenue generation. Providers are grappling with new, complex markets and market segments. They find it challenging to sell increasingly complex product portfolios and are experiencing low conversion rates on qualified leads using traditional channels.

  • Connecting with the digital consumer. Providers are gaining only inefficient leverage from digital channels as they attempt to sell to and serve their business-to-business (B2B) customers.

  • Operating model optimization. Disparate order-to-activate and order-to-cash processes are providing providers with a fragmented view of the customer, while also burdening them with high technology capital expenditures (CAPEX), inaccurate sales forecasting and a higher cost for customer and lead acquisition.

Countering these challenges, Enterprise Acceleration Services consists of a suite of services that helps CSPs increase revenue in their enterprise businesses, while reducing technology and selling costs by leveraging robust analytics, agile customer relationship management (CRM) systems, optimized channel incentives and seamless partner management.

Why Accenture

We provide Enterprise Acceleration Services through a service arrangement in which Accenture operates a client’s B2B and small- and medium-sized business (SMB) sales and service functions as an extension of the client’s organization that is focused on delivering outcomes.These services are underpinned by proprietary Accenture assets and enabled by software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions.

Enterprise Acceleration Services can help your business by providing:

  • Analytics-driven lead and opportunity management

  • Flexible and scalable order management

  • Incentive compensation design and execution

  • Partner governance, integration and management

Outcomes can include higher customer acquisition rates and revenue per account; quicker time-to-market; improved market share in new segments and geographies; reduced selling cost; and total cost of ownership (TCO) optimization.

Specific Services

Enterprise Acceleration Services encompasses a broad array of functional areas, including:

  • Demand Generation Services

  • Lead Management Services

  • Pipeline Management and Selling Execution Services

  • Configure, Price, Quote Services

  • Customer Support Services

  • Sales and Service Analytics Services

  • Sales and Channel Incentive Services

  • Partner Enablement Services

Together, this suite of services can help providers effectively address the challenges facing their enterprise businesses—increasing revenue, market share and profitability.