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Accenture Innovation Center for Oracle Engineered Systems


Powered by Accenture Enkitec Group, our innovation center provides the opportunity to test data workloads on Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle Engineered Systems can reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure while increasing productivity, accelerating enterprise application deployment, strengthening analytics capabilities and improving overall performance.

If you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, don’t just take our word for it. Test your workloads at the Accenture Innovation Center for OES (Oracle Engineering Systems) to see the potential benefits—before making any investment. We offer the largest concentration of experienced Oracle implementation talent in the world.

Experienced specialists from the Accenture Enkitec Group (AEG) are available to test your data and applications in our lab environment. Many organizations have already used the Accenture Innovation Center and AEG professionals to prove out their business goals.


Leverage the worldwide leader in OES (Oracle Engineering Systems) implementations
With more Oracle ACEs than all other top providers combined and several Oracle Certified Masters, Accenture offers the expertise you need to explore, design and configure Oracle-based solutions. AEG has completed more OES installations worldwide than any other partner, including more than 600 Exadata implementations, and currently manages more than 150 OESs. AEG specialists can provide services such as database health checks, security checks, proofs of concept and rescue services, working across all industries, including the public sector.

Accelerate implementation with field-tested tools
With several generations of OES available, the Innovation Center simplifies the simulation of your unique infrastructure, helping to identify necessary patches or configuration problems before they can cause production outages. The AEG team uses proprietary tools demonstrated to help speed implementation, optimize performance and maximize usage of engineered systems. These tools, combined with real-world experience, help implement test plans so you can quickly deploy with confidence.

Simplify Oracle deployments
The goal of the Accenture Innovation Center for OES is to help clients transform their data centers and more quickly realize the value from their Oracle investments. That goal means more than just configuring the optimal technology. Clients work closely with Accenture’s OES professionals, gaining hands-on experience and quickly coming up to speed.


Case Studies

US insurance company consolidated systems with minimal effort and no application changes
A major, US-based insurance company wanted to consolidate its Oracle database systems to greatly increase performance, but not change any applications, with minimal effort. After running application workloads against Exadata, AEG found an average 17x improvement on the Database Backup Testing; 9x improvement on the Database Recovery Testing; extreme performance improvement for Data Warehouse workloads and High Ratio Data Compression; little or no effect on database performance with Transparent Data Encryption; and increased stability of Oracle RAC.

European Financial Services Group achieved more than 3x transaction processing gains
A European financial services group with 700+ branches was looking to partner with their software company to update their current software and increase capabilities with a goal to increase transactions processed per second (TPS), from 3,000 to 10,000. This was accomplished during a three week proof of concept performed on Oracle’s Exadata and Private Cloud Appliance. The increased TPS volume positioned the client for future growth.

Healthcare organization to achieve a projected $45 million in savings by migrating to Exadata for Electronic Health Records (EHR)
The migration of a 40TB database from Teradata to Exadata produced staggering results in a head-to-head comparison. The client had high operating costs from running its EHR on Teradata and needed a more cost-effective solution. AEG conducted a proof of concept using the Epic Clarity Data Warehouse application. Working within HIPAA guidelines, AEG demonstrated that Exadata was, on average, 1065 times faster than Teradata while only using six percent of available CPU and eight percent of available IO. Migrating to Exadata is projected to drive savings of $45 million over five years to accommodate 35 percent growth rates.

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