Summer reading for utilities

If you enjoy reading about the utility industry as much as we do, we’ve rounded up this new collection of insights from our utility experts.

"We believe that organizations that put digital and sustainability at the core of their business will increase efficiencies, stability, and safety, while attracting new talent and delivering greater value for all stakeholders."

— STEPHANIE JAMISON, Accenture Utilities Global Lead

Taking charge of the energy transition

Grid talk

Transmission & Distribution organizations are the heart of a new power model requiring a new set of skills to enable an intelligent grid capable of delivering sustainable, affordable, reliable power.

Powering Distribution for the Energy Transition

To thrive amid energy transition disruption, distribution businesses are moving toward a more active, data-driven intelligent energy system. Read more.

Utilities control center of the future

How advanced digital technology can drive improved performance, collaboration and informed, data-driven decisions. Read more.

Vegetation management: Key levers for cost savings

Investment in technologies and advanced analytics can sustainably reduce utilities O&M spend over the long term. Read more.

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The new energy consumer

The retail space is embracing change. Diminishing commodity returns, advancing technology, and a flood of new market formulas mean there is abundant opportunity for retailers to reinvent themselves as energy service providers.

Embrace new connected energy business models

New connected energy business models hold great potential for energy companies to find fresh growth. Read more.

Business of Experience For Energy Retailers

The opportunity for energy retailers to center their businesses around exceptional business experiences. Read more.

Fjord Trends 2021, Utilities Business Trends

The 2020 shake-up of the status quo is an opportunity for energy retailers to redefine relationships with customers and how they deliver services. Read more.

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Digital and sustainable enterprise

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