In brief

In brief

  • With a unique ability to exploit data and create value, CFOs can now serve as innovator and disruptor within their businesses.
  • While this shift spans industries, opportunities and challenges are especially great for utilities CFOs.
  • Facing evolution, regulatory disruption, and increased integration with operational decision makers, there is a need for a new kind of utility CFO.

Finance executives have emerged as powerful digital stewards, using data to drive greater efficiency and foster new, digitally-driven business models that help evolve the enterprise. With a unique bird’s-eye view, chief financial officers (CFOs) are looking beyond their traditional boundaries to collaborate with chief executive officers to develop data- and insight-driven strategies to create sustainable growth, long-term value and profound change.

The CFO is in a unique position to provide structure to and make meaning of vast quantities of data and to orchestrate necessary change across the C-suite.

Utilities CFOs are no exception; in fact, these leaders face significant opportunities and challenges as they navigate far more than their own changing role. Utility CFOs are leading in an industry overflowing in change, including fundamental shifts in business models, digitalization of processes, and workforces entrenched in legacy ways of working.

Taking on a new elevated position of change, the utilities CFOs are reimagining the ways in which they can leverage technology, skills and relationships to prepare their companies for growth.

Now is the time for CFOs to wield the power of digital and help transform their utility for the future.


Percentage of utilities CFOs who believe they will be focused on leading efforts to make the entire enterprise more efficient through adoption of digital technology across the business.


Percentage of utilities CFOs who believe the CFO will be identifying and preparing the business for increasingly volatile future scenarios.

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