In brief

In brief

  • Many Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs), which store data and enable business intelligence, run on Teradata’s database platform.
  • But due to the exponential growth of data and other factors, companies are now looking to migrate Legacy Teradata EDWs to the cloud.

Several of Accenture’s clients use Teradata-based EDWs to store multiple PBs of data and support essential reporting and analytics. But the growth in data volume, cost of running on-prem environments, increasing need to process unstructured data and extensive use of data science and AI/ML put a heavy load on these EDWs. More and more companies are now looking to cloud options for their EDWs.


growth of global data by 2025, according to IDC estimates.


of approximately all data being generated today is unstructured and doubling every two years.

Challenges with the current Legacy Teradata environment and a growing need to leverage cloud has created the perfect tsunami that is driving a migration of these Legacy Teradata environments to cloud.

Enterprise challenges prompting the move to cloud

Performance and capacity issues

Teradata delivers linear scalability. The current technology and architecture of Teradata is being considered "legacy".

New data sources and workloads

Legacy Teradata is a relational DBMS not architected and built to handle varying data types and real-time data.

High licensing cost and TCO

The cost of managing a TB in Legacy Teradata can range from $30,000-$90,000, considerably high compared with today’s cloud pricing.

Movement to cloud trend

Nearly every enterprise that uses Legacy Teradata today is exploring options to re-platform away from the current data warehouse platform.

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However, migrating Legacy Teradata EDW to the cloud has its own challenges, including incomplete knowledge and understanding of the current environment, the complexity of the legacy environment, the numerous consumption workloads, a lack of similar capabilities in target platforms and the need to modernize while migrating. It may take several years to complete the journey.

Read the full report to learn about the elements of a Legacy Teradata EDW migration project. Discover the various target platforms, and keep in mind that deciding which cloud provider to select will be specific to your company’s business strategy.

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Managing Director, Data & AI​

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Senior Manager, Applied Intelligence


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