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Superpower your workforce with AI for super value

October 6, 2021


In brief

Every superhero has an origin story

An injection of agility and speed

With AI superpowers, the workforce can provide better experiences to all stakeholders.

Sales and account management

Put intelligence into salespeople’s hands—insight based on history, utilization trends or industry comparisons.

Member enrollment

Focus on providing seamless experiences and advisory services that include proactive and personalized recommendations about plan options.

Call center representative

Transform this customer-facing role and increase the value that call center representatives provide by using AI-powered chat bots.

With great power comes great responsibility

Accenture-AHIP webinar recording

About the Authors

Clare Wefelmeyer

Director – Consulting, Health & Public Service, Talent & Organization

Nick Lochner

Managing Director – Consulting, Health Payer, Talent & Organization

Michael Bazigos, PhD

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Organization and Talent Analytics Lead

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