The basis of competition in the mortgage business is clear: Be the low-cost producer of the loan while delighting borrowers with a distinctive and personalized experience. Doing so within a highly cyclical and competitive market calls for delivering a true digital mortgage—the kind that is automated, of high quality, efficient and—yes—profitable. It requires the integration of front- and back-office innovation.

Five essentials for lenders to get right

Banks that effectively innovate and integrate their front and back office will be best positioned to compete on the basis of a true digital mortgage. Doing so can help optimize loan fulfillment efficiency, differentiation and margins.

Think big, start small

Evaluate all aspects of the loan lifecycle to see what simple tasks and processes can be automated to increase cost efficiency.

Break down traditional barriers

Use AI to create more opportunities for process improvement and cost savings.

Focus on the employee experience

Apply digital technology to not only reduce manual work, but also to improve employees’ day-to-day work experience.

Get connected

Drive value through an API mindset, easily connecting data, services, products and companies across different systems at high speeds.

Reimagine the workforce

Adapt your operating models and business processes to the digital economy, fitting your workforce to optimize them.

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To become leaders in operational efficiency and digital strategy, banks must take a broader view of the mortgage journey.

Accenture provides comprehensive mortgage-related services to help lenders compete in the digital economy. We can combine our core capabilities—mortgage consulting, business process outsourcing and technology—however necessary to get lenders to the true digital mortgage.

Chris Scislowicz

Managing Director – Credit Lead, North America

John Newlin

Managing Director – Residential Lending, North America


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