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Accenture Technology Vision 2015 for Utilities

Five trends highlighting how utilities executives are ushering in a new era of ecosystems


Utilities are facing a challenging market context and have to reinvent themselves, developing new business models to generate new revenue streams and exploit additional efficiencies. Explore five trends highlighting how utilities executives are fundamentally changing the way they view themselves and ushering in a new era of digital ecosystems.

Our Perspective

It is important to understand which of these trends may impact utilities, and how they look at architectural decisions, buying decisions, how it impacts customers and determine the best way to use that as a tool to decide on the ideal path forward.
Stuart Brown
Managing director


Today’s pioneering enterprises are doing more than just talking a good digital game. They are fundamentally changing the way they look at themselves, stretching their mindsets and operations to quickly mastering the shift from “me” to “we.”

Proactive corporate leaders see their businesses, employees and customers as cohesive, interdependent embers of a living, breathing digital fabric that offers unprecedented opportunity to establish beachheads in new markets, drive profit and change life for the better.

Through the transformational power of this network, we’re witnessing the birth of a new era of “digital ecosystems.”

The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 maps out five key trends: The Internet of Me, Outcome Economy, Platform (R)evolution, Intelligent Enterprise and Workforce Reimagined.

How to sum it all up? It’s not just about you—or me, or anyone else in particular. It’s about all of us—The “We Economy.”


Key Findings

Forty-three percent of utilities are investing in digital technologies as part of their overall business strategy. They are looking to improve performance across the entire value chain, bolster operating performance and open opportunities for growth of new services and new business models.

The five trends are:

  • The Internet of Me— The Internet of Me is changing the way people around the world interact through technology, placing the end user at the center of every digital experience.

  • Outcome Economy— Digital devices on the edge are powering an Outcome Economy and facilitating a new business model that shifts the focus from selling things to selling results.

  • Platform (R)evolution— The Platform (R)evolution reflects how digital platforms are becoming the tools of choice for building next-generation products and services—and entire ecosystems in the digital and physical worlds.

  • Intelligent Enterprise— The Intelligent Enterprise is making its machines smarter—embedding software intelligence into every aspect of its business to help drive new levels of operational efficiency, evolution and innovation

  • Workforce Reimagined— Advances in more natural human interfaces, wearable devices and smart machines are extending intelligent technology to interact as a “team member,” working alongside employees in a Workforce Reimagined.


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