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Cyber ThreatScape Report

Midyear cybersecurity risk review forecast and remediations


CISOs and their Boards are under pressure from growing levels of destructive threat activity. With cyberattacks more common and their causes more complex to defend, a better understanding of current trends and potential developments can help to provide actionable and relevant decision support.

Based on Accenture Security iDefense intelligence collection, research, and analysis as well as research using primary and secondary open-source material, the Cyber Threatscape Report is the go-to guide for IT security teams, business operations teams, and an organization’s leadership to help them better manage cybersecurity risk.




Destructive cyber-threat activity is becoming more common and attribution is getting harder
Although governments are trying hard to avoid future leaks, more exploit arsenals will be exposed in the coming years.

Criminal marketplaces are profitable and tools are more accessible to all
An increasingly lucrative criminal marketplace is driving differentiated criminal offerings, emboldening and enabling more actors with better capabilities.

Governments are strengthening capabilities to meet strategic goal
Cyber-espionage and disruption activity may grow in various countries in the next few months in response to geopolitical triggers, such as economic sanctions and military exercises, and in continuing service to national strategic goals.

Law enforcement is becoming overwhelmed
The increasing entanglement of financially motivated cyber-crime with organized criminal groups has prompted a growth in malware sophistication.

Industries will need to meet cybersecurity challenges with aggressive defense strategies, including user education and the integration of threat intelligence and risk assessment into business operations across the enterprise.

CALL OUT: What’s inside?

In-depth summaries of cyber-operations in Brazil, China, Iran, North Korea and Russia

The implications of SHADOW BROKERS group release of Equationgroup windows exploits and tools

The future threat outlook as a result of the WannaCry attack

Adversary obfuscation and deception tactics

Denial-as-a-service: the DDoS-for hire market landscape

The phishing landscape




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