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Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Solutions: Achieving High Performance

We combine decades of experience in the aerospace and defense industry with extensive cross-industry solutions and IT skills.


Accenture defines ‘agility’ as the speed, flexibility and precision that companies need to adjust and drive growth in a changing world. In the aerospace and defense industry this approach is particularly important, as both commercial and military players face increasingly complex challenges. The industry has consolidated, with the number of new programs decreasing and cost and revenue pressures increasing. What these companies urgently require, is an agile response.

The Accenture capability video provides an overview of key solutions that Accenture offers the aerospace and defense industry.

Read more about the tailored industry solutions that help aerospace and defense companies and their partners deliver high performance in this changing global environment.

The world of aerospace and defense is both expanding and shrinking. Whilst globalization brings new opportunities for selling and partnering, the financial and budgetary constraints placed on producing and purchasing aerospace and defense products limits the number of new programs that can be undertaken. In order to continue to grow their global footprint in a multipolar world, these companies must reshape and reposition themselves to address these changing needs.


Aerospace and defense companies are changing from product-focused original equipment manufacturers to service-oriented original equipment providers, supplying not assets, but asset availability.This strategic move needs a real transformation that affects how these companies think, design, develop, produce and sell. In order to reshape and reposition themselves successfully into a service-orientated way of working, aerospace and defense companies will need to:

  • Transform from part makers into subassembly and systems integrators.

  • Manage outcomes-based arrangements such as availability and performance-based logistics contracts.

  • Assume financial risk and manage programs to minimize risk and drive profitability.

  • Design and build programs with configuration upgrades in mind.

  • Develop a set of capabilities to manage assets for the duration of their life cycles.

  • Adapt quickly to changes such as regulation and customer operating tempo.

The emphasis on customer service in both commercial and military markets demands high performance in not only manufacturing but also in procurement, partner management, product data management, design for serviceability, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), inventory optimization and analytics and overall supply chain processes.

Accenture combines more than three decades of experience and insight in the aerospace and defense industry with our extensive cross-industry functional and IT skills to help our clients become high performance businesses. We work with our clients to operate their businesses using consistent, accurate data that provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Accenture offers global companies and their partners solutions that are strategically tailored to help improve performance and drive growth.