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Working in Accenture


Our work environment puts you at the center. We foster a healthy and productive work experience for our people using the latest technology and tools available. Our work environment in Accenture:

Accenture Work Environment Emphasizes team-based activities.
Accenture Work Environment Encourages relationship building, knowledge sharing and acculturation.
Accenture Work Environment Addresses new generations of workers who have different workplace expectations and requirements.
Accenture Work Environment Leverages new technologies to support the increasingly mobile and distributed nature of our work.
Accenture Work Environment Lowers our carbon footprint through digital communication and collaboration.


As an Accenture professional, your work environment will be as diverse as the industries and services we offer our clients.

You may find yourself working at a client site alongside your project team. Collaboration and integration become easier when you are face-to-face with your clients.

If you are not involved in client-related work, you will find yourself working at our Thailand corporate office, which is located at the 30th Floor of Abdulrahim Place.

Abdulrahim Place is conveniently located in the Central Business District of Bangkok, adjacent to Rama IV Road, Silom Road and close to Lumpini Park. The office is easily accessible by road and is within walking distance from both the MRT (underground train) and BTS (sky train).


At our Thailand office, you will find an environment that incorporates our core values by design. Renovated in 2015, space is created to enhance open communication and collaboration.

All Accenture employees are empowered to work in any place and any space, and they are supported by efficient workplace technologies that allows us to do so.

Our work areas have been designed to support the environment with the following features:

  • Recycling bins are placed in all areas.
  • Collaboration areas are located by the window to maximize use of natural light.
  • LED light fittings are used and lighting levels are optimized to make the work environment glare-free.

We provide innovative communication and collaboration tools to help increase your productivity, efficiency and flexibility as you stay connected globally.

We also know how important workplace flexibility is in enabling you to strike a balance between your work and personal life. Hence, we offer a flexible approach in terms of telecommuting. You may work from a location other than an Accenture office or project site. This can reduce your time, costs and commuting stress while helping Accenture control and often reduce the cost of fixed office space.

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