Recruiting in the New

Save this city in VR shrivel or thrive

Let’s see your powerful mind in action, Agent A.

A city is on the verge of ruin—what will you do? The future of its citizens is in your hands. Will they surrender to destruction, or will they get their land to flourish again? You are Agent A, and you have the power to save this city from much suffering when VR360 returns to your campus with a V2.0. Are you up for the challenge?

Set in Virtual Reality (VR), VR360 2.0 lets you immerse yourself in a new way of seeing how Accenture operates at the forefront of technology and get a feel of how we leverage innovative technologies to improve the way the world works and lives today.

We look forward to meeting you along with fellow players with powerful minds that we seek. Stay tune to our update here and see you on campus soon!

Accenture sets the stage for recruiting in the new! Introducing Elevate Experience—a 12-hour assessment specially designed to give aspiring consultants-to-be an avenue to experience the life of a consultant for a day. A differentiated method from conventional hiring processes, we elevate the experience by ensuring our candidates start learning as early as during the job application stage. Through this immersion, candidates get to work in teams to address a real-life business case, by developing and proposing implementable solutions within a specified timeframe. Participants not only demonstrate their strength and competencies, they also pick up methodologies which are useful in project work, and gained valuable feedbacks and insights through the interaction with our leaders and client directly. It’s fun, fulfilling and interactive – While participants discover their potential as they stood out to take on the challenge, Accenture finds the next best talent.

Check out our new recruitment process where we invite you to show us what you are made of!

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Recruitment Process


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