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Warit M.


Warit M.


Management Consulting Analyst



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Queen Mary University of London

What I Do

I am a management consulting analyst working within the Financial Services group. Since joining Accenture, I have been assigned to an Operational Risk Assessment project for a local bank in Thailand. The objective is to help the client identify risks on the ground, provide reasons why management should be aware and work together to resolve these issues.

To identify risks, I use assessment tools such as the Assessment Form and Regulation Catalogue. Once these risks are identified, our team formulates a solution which we present to the management.

Day in my Life

I start my day by eating good breakfast. On my way to work, I think about my current tasks and prioritize in order to complete these as efficiently as possible. I always have a back-up plan on hand in case a meeting gets rescheduled or a deliverable gets bumped ahead on the priority list. After work, I usually meet up with friends over dinner. Sometimes, I just go home and have dinner with my family.

Outside the Office

I love traveling, whether it’s to a different country or just a quick getaway to a local province in Thailand. Whenever I travel, I always make sure to find the best restaurants because I enjoy eating the must-try specialties of each country. When I’m at home on weekends, I like watching Manchester United football matches on television, going to the club and working out at the gym.