Chalisa C.


Chalisa C.


Management Consulting Analyst



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Purdue University

What I Do

I am a management consulting analyst for the Resources group, focusing mostly on change management. During my first project at Accenture, I have worked on developing organization structures, functional descriptions, job descriptions and change impact analysis.

Day in my Life

I start my day by driving to work. Once I get to a client site, I turn on my computer and work on assignments. Sometimes, I also attend workshops with clients. When I get home, I usually have dinner with my family, watch something interesting online and sleep.

Outside the Office

I enjoy spending time at home during weekends. I watch movies, play the piano or cook. I also like to study, whether it’s learning a new language or knowing how to make investments. Sometimes, I hang out with my family and friends.

My Advice

At Accenture, you may be assigned to a project that is not related to your field of study. For me, everything is a new learning experience since my degree did not prepare me to work in change management at all. Time management is very important because there will be days when you will have lots of work and days when you have very few assignments.