Chaipat S.


Chaipat S.





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


M.Sc. Technoprenuership and Innovation

What I Do

I do my best to constantly exceed clients’ expectations in service delivery, whether it is a large-scale system implementation, project management governance, solution assessment or vendor management, among others. Just like all Accenture people, I’m deeply committed to being accountable for the client’s success and always strive to achieve it. The passion to add value in every assignment reflects in my and my team’s deliverables. It is normal to see any of us approaching clients to propose value-added solutions without being asked.

Day in my Life

My daily work consists of helping clients to manage local and foreign vendors, tracking their progress, identifying risks and issues, and facilitating discussions among stakeholders. 

I not only manage the clients’ technical or functional gaps, but also the project team’s diversity is an advantage to the team and as we come from various cultures. These activities normally occupy my morning and afternoon. In the evening, I summarize the next steps, verify reports from my team members, and think of new ways to create value for clients based on findings from the day’s meetings.

Outside the Office

I love satisfying my gastronomic appetite by trying a variety of foods from street food to fine dining. When a restaurant in Thailand receives good reviews, you can be sure I will try it out soon. After work, our team goes out to try new dining places around our project site. I also do this when I visit other countries. 

Another activity that I love to do with my Accenture colleagues is to hang out at karaoke bars where we can de-stress through song and dance and show-off our “partying” skills.

My Advice

Accenture motivates you to be committed to the success of the client, the company, and yourself. The career growth is great if you are willing to move at a fast pace. 

For your hard work, the payoff is that you gain well-rounded capabilities in technical, business and people management. Aside from a well-organized training curriculum, you will enjoy learning and working with talented people within the Accenture network, people who are willing to help and share their experience. So join us at Accenture and be “greater than” you imagined.