Aunchalee P.


Aunchalee P.


Senior Manager



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area



Bachelor in Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University

What I Do

I am currently the project management office (PMO) lead for a Financial Services project. As PMO lead, it is important for me to deliver high-quality work to the client and to create strong relationships with key stakeholders, from the client to vendors and on to Accenture. By strengthening these relationships, I am able to get good support for my team and the work, which is very necessary in a multivendor environment.

Day in my Life

My PMO role entails working closely with the client team and Accenture leads on scope management, work plan and resources monitoring, and tracking the project’s progress. I also facilitate meetings with key stakeholders to brainstorm and discuss the project support model, identify risks, and suggest solutions. To support clients effectively and help them maximize their business value, I apply both the business and technical knowledge I learned at university.

I reserve part of my time to meet with team members to provide them guidance and inspire them at work.

Outside the Office

After work, I and my colleagues enjoy finding a place to have dinner, just hang out and have fun together. On weekends, I normally spend my time relaxing by doing yoga, shopping and going to the spa. I also love trying out new restaurants and cafes.

Each day at Accenture, motivate yourself to be well-prepared for challenges, to be flexible, to learn new things, and to work among the diverse cultures in this global company.