Atiporn K.


Atiporn K.


Technology Consulting Analyst



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


Purdue University

What I Do

I am a technology consulting analyst for the Resources operating group. Currently, I am working with a leading utilities organization in Thailand to develop a master plan that outlines the strategic goals, objectives and initiatives that fall under information and communications technology. Through this role, I get to gain exposure to a variety of environments, business functions and learning opportunities.

Day in my Life

I start my day with a workout at the gym. This helps me focus and keep my energy high throughout the day. Once I get to the office, I compile a list of tasks that need to be done and set my priorities. Planning ahead keeps me organized and on track. I also set aside time to connect with my colleagues since understanding a client’s requirements and coming up with tailor-fit solutions needs a concerted team effort. Accenture offers me new challenges every day so I always need to be at my best.

Outside the Office

I love staying active on my off days, whether it’s working out, eating a good meal with friends or participating in outdoor activities. I also set aside some time to catch up on my reading.

My Advice

Accenture is a place for proactive people who love taking on new challenges. You need to put in some effort to overcome difficult tasks that may be assigned to you. The reward is in knowing that you were able to deliver on a project that may be far from your field of study. As far as work environment goes, Accenture is a collaborative place where you can form long-lasting bonds with your colleagues as you work towards a common goal.