Yap San San

Digital Marketing Senior Manager


"My work requires me to be curious, proactive and open to new ideas. These three things constitute my recipe for motivation."

What I do

As a senior digital marketing manager, I help businesses create great customer experience and improve how people view and experience the world. I lead a team that uncovers the customers’ needs and wants and designs the customer journey from beginning to end, optimizing every step and touchpoint.

To accomplish this, we leverage experience mapping, carrying out user immersions and interviews to identify pain points and opportunities to delight. Our work enables companies to deliver positive customer experience that drives business results for their enterprise.

I place our clients’ relationship with their consumers at the heart of what I do. Drawing on education in psychology and design, and more than 15 years in advertising, I blend insights from both perspectives to create an effective and seamless connection.

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A day in my life

If there’s one thing that creating customer journeys has taught me, it’s to always begin with the end in mind. Hence, I start every workday with clear goals and objectives for my day and my projects.

My morning routine begins with a good breakfast that primes me for a productive day ahead. Afterward, I dive headfirst with drive and enthusiasm into meetings, brainstorming sessions and problem-solving activities in research, design and technology. A typical workday finds me exchanging ideas and insights with a global team of colleagues who are experts in what they do. I am often amazed to collaborate with such talents, whose expertise in change management, strategy or technology give me inspiration in our work of transforming ideas into cutting-edge customer journey solutions.

I often work in clusters of teams, from the department to the project level. I also work with a team of designers and researchers who are highly motivated and open to challenges. Our diversity of cultural backgrounds and working styles make for interesting group dynamics that play an important role in our creative work.

I love the limitless opportunities to innovate and thrive in being trailblazers, creating new experiences by insights gathering, conceptualisation to final delivery. I believe in better design and technology to improve how people live, work and do business.

Outside of work, I also enjoy doing activities that nourishes both my mind and body such as reading, doing yoga and badminton with my friends.

“My work requires me to be curious, proactive and open to new ideas. These three things constitute my recipe for motivation.”

My advice

Be a sponge—explore the world around you with curiosity and an open mind. Listen and learn from everyone you meet. Challenge both what is known and unknown. And when you create, be unafraid of failure that will ultimately lead to success.

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