Nicholas Eng

Functional and Industry Analytics Consultant


What I do

The field of data is fascinating and evolving every day. It is also still very nascent and there are a lot of opportunities to figure out how best to collect data, manage data, use data and govern the usage of data. As a data scientist, I help our clients navigate the complex world of data to discover important insights to transform their businesses. I work with them to use their data more effectively and bring more structure, scale and rigor to their decision-making process.

I also help to shine a light on the unnerving aspects of this field – a field that is often difficult to understand, obfuscated by jargon and crowded with technologies, but which is playing an increasingly critical role in making millions of micro-decisions on behalf of their organizations.

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A day in my life

Our line of work is forward-looking and innovation-led. We get to collaborate with great companies that want to rethink how their industry traditionally engages with its problem statements. Some examples of this could be to help an oil rig predict where and when a fire will break out or to count the number of trees in a forest to estimate yield for an agriculture company.

To work on these problems, we must hone our understanding of specific domains to be able to communicate credibly about an industry, organization or process. Speaking with colleagues, subject matter advisors and clients helps us to gain context of an issue and allows us to propose solutions that address a real need. We must also keep abreast of latest developments in data science (e.g. computer vision, deep learning, cloud-based software, distributed architecture…) to remain relevant in this field.

Lastly, we strive to deliver. At Accenture, we work to translate theory into practice. We spend time with our clients to strategize, plan, execute, test and reiterate. Successful delivery often requires us to be outcome focused, discern priorities, persist through tough situations, and communicate clearly and frequently with our stakeholders.

My advice

Spend time to get to know yourself, your strengths and motivations. Tune out the expectations of others. Keep on learning, not only in the technical sense, but also in how you work with others, how to manage expectations and how to understand other’s motivations and concerns. Refine your skills and practice again. The moment you get to where you want to get is when you need to start again.

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