What I do

I am a Business and Technology Analyst within the Health and Public Services operating group. Every day is a different day in this role, and my daily activities depend on the project at hand.

Right now, I am on a data analytics platform project for a government tourism agency. Some of the work I’ve done for this project include writing and producing a marketing video, organizing a mini-launch event to raise awareness and getting survey respondents for the platform, and facilitating a workshop and training session.

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A day in my life

I interact with people from both business and technology sectors. My constant workmates are my colleagues from the Change Management team. For every project, however, there’s a cross-functional team that lets me interact with people from the Analytics team, the Operations team and more.

No single day is the same here. One day could involve building a deck to prepare for conducting a workshop, while the next could be filled with several client meetings to learn more about their business.

We have an ongoing data analytics platform project. It’s quite exciting to me because the data we’re handling delves into tourism statistics, which is particularly interesting. During my internship, I also helped plan and implement a large-scale national launch event, which I enjoyed very much.

What I’ve noticed since joining Accenture is undeniable diversity. While people here hail from many different cultures, the environment is so inclusive that we easily end up adopting from each other both our cultural behaviors and our distinct working styles. We’re always up for a good laugh while still working very hard. This is a large part of what makes our work here so engaging—the countless opportunities to learn new things from new people.

Undoubtedly, Accenture has helped train me in picking up new skills quickly and deliberately. From navigating different types of software for producing videos to analyzing Functional Specifications, my tasks here allow me to take a deep dive into multiple aspects of business, communications, technology and more.

What I like the most about Accenture are the continuous opportunities for learning and development. It feels wonderful being able to enrich my mind each time I immerse myself in a project to understand how a specific industry works.

In my downtime, I enjoy going to hip-hop dance classes, reading non-fiction, practicing yoga and heading to the gym when I have the time. I try my best to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is important when you’re working in a fast-paced environment.

"Upon joining them
for internship,
I soon discovered
that a large part
of these learning
come in the form
of the people
you work with
who are proactive
catalysts in their
team's growth."

My advice

Read up as much as possible on the different projects Accenture has accomplished successfully to get a flavor of the “why” and a little bit of the “how” behind the work. Then, research and study the systems, applications and programs that were used on these projects.

If you’re an arts or social sciences student (like myself), getting familiar with the language and technical knowledge before embarking on a project gives you a huge advantage coming into the fold. Talk to as many people as possible within your target field of specialization. In my opinion, people learn best from listening to and speaking with actual industry veterans and field experts.

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