Jonathan Ho

Digital Marketing Consultant


"Accenture people are central to the company’s work. Everyone here is a consummate specialist in his or her field, with unique abilities, ideas and perspectives. Our clients appreciate our ability to deliver end-to-end outcomes that satisfy both business and technology requirements. They can always rely on our expertise, whatever the subject matter may be."

What I do

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant for Accenture Interactive under the customer strategy and research team. We help clients understand what customers want using both primary research in the form of interviews and surveys, and secondary research found in public reports, scholastic articles, studies by research vendors, and other similar accounts.

Our work helps fulfill various client requirements, from defining their product and customer strategy, to designing their marketing communications and campaigns, to testing, validating and developing all sorts of product features.

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A day in my life

My day typically starts with an evaluation of the project status, including a run through of each team member’s deliverables for the day or week ahead, be it joint (team) deadlines or individual targets.

Throughout the day, we check in with each other as well as with other teams where necessary. We ensure that we resolve issues and perform tasks on time and as prescribed.

My most exciting project was with a global Internet search company that wanted to uncover benchmarking insights for hundreds of mobile websites across 15 countries in Asia Pacific. We covered three primary industries: travel, finance and retail, and generated what we called mobile best practices.

The purpose of these best practices was to help improve the search and conversion experience for customers who transact on these mobile sites. As the study was the first of its kind in the region, we are very proud of the work and value we were able to deliver to the client.

In Accenture, we have an open culture that welcomes people from all backgrounds and perspectives. My teammates and I see each other more as friends rather than just work colleagues. We understand that everyone has their working style and we try to accommodate and complement each other as much as possible.

Since joining Accenture, I’ve been able to develop my skills in project management, presentation, client engagement and technical communication. I’ve learned a lot about user and design research, product marketing and data analytics.

What I like the most about Accenture are the culture and the people. The friendships I’ve built with my teammates here are very rewarding. These relationships deepen as we share more and more challenges and successes. We understand that, when working as a team, we become greater than the sum of our parts.

To stay creative and inspired, I make sure I spend my holidays and days off doing things I love. I like playing all kinds of sports, from soccer, rugby and basketball, and group games like paintball and poker. Whenever I can, I travel with my wife to places we’ve never been, even for a short weekend getaway. I also go to the movies and catch as many blockbusters as possible.

"Since joining Accenture, I’ve been able to develop my skills in project management, presentation, technical communication and client engagement.”

My advice

Be curious and open-minded. Try not to make assumptions. If you absolutely must make them, know that your beliefs can be completely wrong, or that something may not go according to plan. Be prepared for ongoing changes by having a back-up plan at all points of any project.

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