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Accenture celebrated the International Women’s Day for the 13th consecutive year in 2017. Taking the celebrations to the next level this year, we have invited two of our interns and a graduate hire to join us as our IWD’s social ambassadors!


Some highlights of the event include the panel discussion on #LeadingInTheNew, featuring a few of our distinguished local female leaders and Accenture #GettingToEqual research on closing the gender pay gap.

Our social ambassadors were there to hear out inspiring stories from our guest speaker and even enjoy the many fun activities planned out for the participants.

Watch the videos on some of the event highlights and stories captured through the lens of our social ambassadors!

Our IWD Celebration would not be complete without the report on Accenture Women’s Research! This year, we discussed about Getting to Equal, where we identified the three main equalizers to closing the gender pay gap.



Accenture Women’s Research: Getting to Equal