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Robin Hood and Accenture Strategy coach a new generation of leaders

Accenture Strategy helped the Robin Hood Foundation and its grantees attract new funding and deliver improvements in program outcomes.


Since 2007, Accenture has run an innovative executive leadership development and coaching program for Robin Hood grantees and, in a follow-on initiative, for Robin Hood’s own high-potential employees. The programs have delivered measurable improvements in the leadership skills, operations, strategic planning, fundraising capabilities, and program offerings of these organizations. Robin Hood continues to leverage Accenture Strategy’s unique leadership models, methods and coaching techniques to improve its ability to serve New York City’s neediest citizens.


Through a strong existing relationship between Robin Hood and Accenture Strategy at the executive level, the two organizations began to explore what it takes to be a high-performance nonprofit organization. One pressing issue identified was leadership: quickly addressing the loss of knowledge and skills when leaders leave their executive positions as well as rapidly growing leadership capabilities among current staff to address financial, operational and human resource issues. Robin Hood needed to develop the next generation of leadership for itself and for its grantee organizations.

Did you know?

Accenture Strategy has helped Robin Hood Foundation and its nonprofit grantees develop greater leadership depth while also driving measurable improvements in strategic planning and fundraising capabilities


Working with Robin Hood executives, Accenture Strategy created a strategic leadership model detailing the values and competencies necessary for executive directors and senior management to lead their organizations into a new phase of growth. The team then matched trained leadership coaches from Accenture with senior-level executives from Robin Hood grantees to focus on improving their leadership competencies and skills outlined in the high performance leadership model as a benchmark.

Accenture coaches met regularly with leaders in one-on-one sessions, working through real-time issues and challenges. One leader was challenged to become better at networking outside the organization. Another needed to more effectively manage an organization experiencing rapid growth. Another executive focused on improving communications and staff morale. In each case, the close coaching relationship has enabled leaders to examine their responsibilities and areas of focus in new ways and put tangible plans in place to advance individual skills and increase the ability of the organization to deliver on its mission.


The leadership coaching program has helped grantee leaders from more than 30 organizations in numerous measurable ways. One of the nonprofits doubled individual giving in one year. Another increased new foundation/corporation funding by 30 percent. The executive working on improving networking capabilities established a relationship with a government agency that brought in $100,000 of new funding to the organization.

At an individual level, leaders participating in the coaching program credit Accenture Strategy for numerous improvements. One leader has improved his/her ability to leverage key staff members and delegate responsibilities. Another executive realized that one of his primary roles was to act as his organization’s “Chief People Officer,” creating opportunities for staff to grow and maintaining a sense of community during times of growth and change.

Following the success of this program, Robin Hood asked Accenture Strategy to conduct similar coaching sessions with its own high-potential employees who were taking on greater responsibility within the organization. The success of the Robin Hood internal leadership coaching program during its first two years led to Accenture being asked to run the program again.