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Delivering game-changing business outcomes

Digital leaders embrace the next-generation benefits that business process services can deliver. We show them the way.


The benefits of business process outsourcing (BPO) have long been established and clear.

There are, however, limits to how long companies can pull the same levers of labor savings and process improvements before the benefits begin to fade.

Today, business leaders are asking their outsourcing providers a bold new question: "What else can you give me?"

New forms of value await—improved customer satisfaction, greater working capital and revenue generation, optimized costs and profit and more—in the most progressive relationships.

Such outcomes arise from a provider's ability to delve deeper into clients' value chains, using the business and operational knowledge gleaned from a long-term outsourcing relationship.

Learn how it works.


We assist organizations across a range of sectors to achieve game-changing advantages through analytics-backed business process services and support:

  • Accelerated R&D BPS: We are leveraging our extensive industry knowledge to help a global pharmaceutical company get its products to market faster, through more effective data management within its R&D function.

  • Credit Services BPS: We teamed with a large U.S. bank to maintain a high-quality customer-service environment while meeting rising consumer demand and multiple government and bank modification programs.

  • Finance and Accounting BPS: We partnered with a leading Australasian financial institution to build a world-class shared-services capability that has enabled the bank to consolidate its finance and accounting functions.

  • Health BPS: We helped a leading North American healthcare payer improve service quality, productivity and compliance by managing processing of its electronic requests from service providers.

  • Marketing BPS: We are helping a global bank navigate digital social media, fulfilling important communication and risk-mitigation objectives in reputation management, customer trust and branding.

  • Network BPS: We partnered with a leading telecommunications company to implement end-to-end process improvements, increasing customer-satisfaction scores by 40 percent.

  • Procurement BPS: We helped a global software company meet a goal of saving $40 million in contracted cost reductions over five years.

  • Supply Chain BPS: By applying sophisticated inventory analytics, we helped a leading North American aerospace and defense company optimize working-capital performance.

  • Talent and HR BPS: We helped a large European supermarket chain to achieve significant improvements in its workforce by making its recruitment processes more efficient and effective.


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