Independent Oil Company

Enabling Future Operations With A Cloud-Based Erp Platform - Fast!

Decreased Downtime And Operating Costs To Support

Future Growth

One of the first independent oil companies to invest in cloud-based technologies has seen results in just 25 weeks.

A producer of oil and natural gas with worldwide exploration activities sought a new, ambitious digital approach to operations, to overcome a number of business challenges:

01 Cost pressures stemming from oil price fluctuations

Cost pressures stemming from oil price fluctuations.

02 A dependency on multiple systems and processes across operating locations

A dependency on multiple systems and processes across operating locations.

03 Difficulty in running global operations at optimum efficiency due to each region’s reliance on different standards and technologies

Difficulty in running global operations at optimum efficiency due to each region’s reliance on different standards and technologies.



The company sought a global platform with industry-specific templates that could decrease downtime and operating costs, while supporting its future growth.

The client ultimately selected Accenture because of its industry knowledge, global delivery skills, cloud capabilities, and the Accenture Upstream Direct solution —a powerful tool built on the SAP HANA platform that provides detailed insights enabling business leaders to make better decisions and streamline their back-office operations.

How We


The client and Accenture collaborated to deploy Accenture Upstream Direct—a cloud-based ERP system and a certified SAP Rapid Deployment Solution—on the SAP HANA platform, integrating four Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms to the new ERP system:

Ariba for procurement

SuccessFactors for talent and HR

sparesFinder for procurement and maintenance material master data

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE for tax software


In addition to the use of the Accenture Upstream Direct template, the client and Accenture leveraged a number of key assets for success:

Accenture’s High Velocity HR solution

Off-premise SAP Hosting (which utilized a third-party provider to host the infrastructure)

A series of cutting-edge user interface and reporting tools such as Fiori, Lumira, and HANA Live, to provide considerable time and cost advantages

How We Helped


To help the client achieve a smooth transition to the new system and support its ongoing success, Accenture invited a subset of the client’s core business users into the project early on to involve them in key project activities and decisions to facilitate the client’s ownership of the solution.


Accenture provided personnel with deep industry and delivery experience—as well as its delivery centers in India and the Philippines to manage an aggressive timeline, costs, project scope, and deviations from plan. The client and Accenture successfully managed inconsistent data during the deployment, and developed a “Data SWAT” process to confirm the testing and go-live phases of the project would occur on ”cleansed” and complete data.


Acceleration: Results In Just 25 Weeks

The client and Accenture successfully collaborated to accelerate the digital transformation of the client’s operations by implementing Accenture Upstream Direct in just 25 weeks. The new cloud-based ERP solution:

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Allows the client to have real-time views into operations and profitability and greater accessibility through dashboards and mobile devices.

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Is providing an IT platform that is more cost-effective, easier to manage, and scalable to help meet the needs of the growing business.

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Has helped to streamline departments and realign personnel to better address the needs of the business.

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Facilitates greater visibility into supplier spend and contracts.

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Provides an integrated flow of data that makes the financial close process more accurate and efficient.

As One Of The First Independent Oil Companies To Invest In Cloud-based Technologies—

spanning the wellhead, supporting functions, regulatory reporting, and reports for executives—the client is now positioned to operate more efficiently. With Accenture’s help, the company can shift staff to areas that will make a difference over time, and obtain significant value from a new, world-class digital platform.