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R&D transformation: Re-tooling the product innovation engine

Learn how Accenture is re-tooling the product innovation engine in Consumer Goods with R&D transformation.


A unique set of circumstances is making consumer product innovation challenging:

  • Life cycles are becoming increasingly compressed

  • Digitally savvy and sophisticated consumers are demanding greener, more functional, more cost-effective and more personalized products

  • CPG companies are expanding into new geographic markets, resulting in new consumer tastes to serve and increasing regulation

In an industry marked by tight margins, the cost burden of sub-optimal product development is significant. Equally critical are product and process innovations that reduce unit costs and increase operating efficiency. Your R&D function remains the primary engine for these types of innovation, and there are opportunities to recharge your engine by focusing on game-changing new product development. Transforming R&D in this way involves four imperatives: adopting a global/multi-local operating model; digitizing product lifecycle management; disaggregating R&D; and the continuous pursuit of operational excellence.

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Specific Services

  • R&D Diagnostic and Transformation

  • R&D Organization Design

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Digital Design and Manufacturing

  • Predictive Analytics

  • R&D Data Management

  • Product Data Administration

  • R&D BPO Services