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Digital mortgage

Advisory & execution of digital transformation for mortgage lenders



Evolving customer expectations and an increasingly competitive market environment are driving mortgage lenders to invest more strategically in digital capabilities.

Lenders are focused on faster innovation around the user experience, as well as more advanced use of analytics and digital marketing capabilities.

To drive digital outcomes for our clients, we augment our industry domain knowledge with our capabilities within Accenture Digital, one of the world’s largest digital transformation consultancies.


  • Accenture is an industry leader in Residential Mortgage, with significant experience driving large-scale transformational programs from up-front strategy design through technology implementation. We work with many large and mid-tier lenders to advise and implement best-in-class mortgage solutions.

  • Accenture Digital is a $7 billion business, and one of the world’s largest digital transformation consultancies, with over 36,000 dedicated professionals. Our integrated operating model allows us to combine our deep industry knowledge with our digital experts to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

  • Accenture has partnerships with many of the leading technology solutions and Fintech players in the mortgage industry. We have experience understanding how these solutions can be designed and integrated to deliver business outcomes in a seamless manner.

The battle to acquire mortgage customers in the digital era is more challenging than ever before. A more diverse set of mortgage lenders, product options, touchpoints and consumer demands make it difficult to attract borrowers, especially for established lenders that rely on their retail footprint for acquisitions.

Acting on moments of influence in the customer journey is at the heart of predictive lending. These moments are turning points that determine whether customers could convert or not—zero moments of truth where connections are made and relationships deepened. Read The power of prediction in digital mortgages to learn five fundamentals Accenture has identified for banks to follow in the battle for customers.



The power of prediction in

digital mortgages