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Aerospace and Defense capabilities

Accenture’s capabilities have evolved out of three decades of working with the world’s top Aerospace and Defense companies.


Accenture’s Aerospace and Defense capabilities enable Aerospace and Defense companies to become high-performance businesses by:

  • Developing business strategies, processes and capabilities for delivering services.

  • Focusing on profitable growth through innovative, tailored solutions.

  • Helping improving time to market, reduce product costs and increase the customer service levels through leading supply chain practices.

  • Transforming organizations to improve the performance and productivity of individuals, workforce and companies.

  • Collaborating with our clients to transform business through a renewed focus on core capabilities and rapid improvements in performance and profitability;

  • Leveraging our global presence to assist with clients’ obligations.

  • Developing corporate sustainability strategies and helping to design carbon-neutral supply chains.

  • Identifying areas of focus to manage and grow through challenging times.

We create value by providing Aerospace and Defense solutions in key focus areas.

Accenture's Global Footprint at the Heart of Aerospace and Defense

Why Accenture

Accenture has been part of the fabric of the Aerospace and Defense industry for more than two decades. Our involvement in the industry began with designing solutions to serve the Cold War military and also the heavily regulated commercial aviation markets of the 1980s.

Today, as deregulation, globalization and military transformation create a new set of industry challenges, Accenture continues to deliver leading insights and solutions in Aerospace and Defense.

Specific Services
Accenture delivers a wide range of solutions to the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

  • Sustainability

  • Program Profitability

  • Meeting Global Offset Commitments

  • Shifting to Services

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Engineering Services

  • M&A and Post-Merger Integration

  • Global Supply Chain

  • Talent Management

  • Mission Software

  • A&D Security