Over the past decade, digital disruptors have transformed the customer experience across industries as diverse as retail, media, personal transport and leisure. Insurance is no exception, and carriers are coming under pressure to recast their relationships with their customers if they are to keep pace with evolving expectations.

Insurers must seize the opportunities that new digital technologies offer to provide customers with highly personalized, on-demand services that are woven into the fabric of their everyday lives—an experience more like Uber or Amazon than like traditional insurance.

For some insurers, up to 40% of their risk protection revenues could be at risk of disruption by 2020.

Those that get it right have an opportunity to not only defend their legacy revenues, but also to create new revenue streams from risk protection, data monetization and other services beyond insurance. Those that don’t are at a growing risk of disruption by more progressive competitors, digital platform players and a new generation of insurtechs that are ready to meet consumers’ demands for solutions that are more seamless, relevant and gratifying.

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Insurers that mobilize their people and resources around the Everyday Insurer concept will be well positioned to compete in an environment where consumers are looking for simplicity, convenience and personalization from every customer experience.

Fabrice Gardette

Managing Director – Insurance, France & Benelux Lead

Danielle Tohmeh

Managing Director – Insurance, Digital Customer Transformation Lead​

Anne-Charlotte Carli

Senior Manager – Insurance


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