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Banking Consumer Study: Making digital more human

December 8, 2020


In brief

Digital in hyper-drive

Accenture’s Banking Consumer Study, one of the largest of its kind, is based on interviews with 47,000 banking customers in 28 markets.

People change. So do their banking behaviors.


Trusting and channel-agnostic.


Value human touch and avoid tech.


Tech-savvy risk takers.


Tech-wary, generally unsatisfied with their financial service providers.

Consumer trust is failing—but banks can win it back


of respondents trust their banks to look after their long-term financial wellbeing, compared with 43% two years ago.

1. Understand the shift in expectations

Determine which changes in customer behavior are temporary and which are likely here to stay.

2. Recognize your customer base

Examine the distinct needs and expectations of your customer segments.

3. Determine your strategy

Develop a strategy and operating model to respond to the market changes that are likely to endure.

4. Prioritize technology investment

Acquire technology that improves your flexibility, agility and speed to market.

5. Infuse a human touch

Embed humanity and personalization into digital channels where they will have the most impact.

Banks should fundamentally rethink where, when and how they bring humanity and personality back into the customer experience.

About the Authors

Edwin Van der Ouderaa

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Customer, Sales and Service

Anne Bertelsen

Managing Director – Song, Banking


Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting

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Full Report: Making digital banking more human

Explore the risks caused by the rush to digital and how banks can respond by considering a more human-centric, personalized approach.

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What top-line trends did our study identify? See our infographic for highlights.