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Accenture + Adobe

Transforming Experiences

Recognized as 2018 Adobe Global Digital
Experience Solution Partner of the Year



Digital innovation continues to disrupt the market. The explosion of data and proliferation of channels has made capturing customer attention more challenging—at the same time presenting boundless opportunity. Now, more than ever, global brands must reimagine their customers' end-to-end experiences to build loyalty and accelerate business growth.

Over the last seven years, Accenture Interactive and Adobe have been committed to delivering award winning customer experiences. Accenture Interactive combines unmatched deep industry insights with Adobe’s industry leading platforms to help brands transform the customer experience from the inside out.

The Adobe Experience Cloud, a connected suite of best-in-class, cross-channel, digital marketing solutions, powers the experience and puts brands in control. Together, we work with brands to create lasting customer relationships and real business growth through a unique combination of services and solutions.

1 Gartner Report, Marketing Spending Survey—2015


What we do

What we do

We empower your business to exceed the ever-changing demands of today’s customers, no matter the channel, around the global, across all industries.


Why it matters

Why it matters

Lack of efficiency, flexibility, and personalization of your marketing messages can have a profound impact on your customer's decisions and experience, negatively impacting customer loyalty, brand differentiation and business growth.


How we work

How we work

Accenture Interactive industry experts and Adobe EC architects team with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that grow with your business.


Our combined capabilities enable us to deliver world-class customer experiences for our clients across all industries.

Integration: Seamless services from strategy through managed services delivery that bridge the gaps between CMO & CIO organizations to enhance marketing performance

Industrialization: Predictability through our scale, efficiency, methods, tools and proprietary assets

Intelligence: Analytics is the core of what we do

Innovation: Huge investments in R&D foster our unique facilities designed for spurring innovation with our clients and strategic partnerships like Adobe

Industry: We operate across all major industries bringing unparalleled industry experience and dedicated teams of deep industry talent


Predictive marketing: Leveraging big data to optimize customer-facing marketing channels and predict future results

Personalization: Delivering the best possible customer experience at the right time

Campaign management: Driving critical decisions and optimizing campaigns across search, display, social, mobile, video, games, etc., ensuring that ad dollars deliver the highest return possible

Media monetization: Maximizing ad rates for publishers and ROI for advertisers through identifying the best combination of audience segments and digital channels


Adobe and Accenture Interactive have developed specialized, industry-specific solutions that deliver personalized digital marketing experiences for healthcare, insurance and retail banking.

Leveraging a market-leading combination of industry knowledge, digital expertise, and the power of Adobe Marketing Cloud, we help clients create superior end-to-end experiences at scale, driving business transformation and growth. Large-scale content and campaign management solutions with ready-to-use, scalable architectures allow for fast implementation and integration with existing technologies.


Matt Strawn
Global Alliance Lead

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Todd Schwarz
Global Delivery Lead, Adobe Marketing Cloud

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Cindy Saucedo
North America Alliance Lead

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Stephen Hamill
APAC Alliance Lead


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