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Accenture Strategy MBA Careers – Wharton

Bring your MBA to Accenture and be part of the next generation of strategy consulting 


Accenture recruits MBA students from Wharton to join Accenture Strategy as full-time consultants and summer interns, depending on graduation year.

As part of the 8,000+ Accenture Strategy professionals in our global community, you’ll provide actionable insights to clients, helping them address priority C-suite issues with strategies they can execute with speed and at scale. Join us and be part of the next phase of high-performance.


Thank you for your interest in learning more about Accenture Strategy. Our top-notch Wharton team is energized and ready to meet the best and brightest and to help you explore the many rewarding career paths offered at Accenture. We’re proud to be an S&P 500 company, a testament to our high-growth, high-performance, high-value organization. This is an organization where you help clients truly be their best, build personal wealth and be proud of both the client performance we deliver and the core values that bind us all together.

I graduated from the Wharton MBA class of 2004 from Cohort F, joining Accenture’s strategy practice serving life sciences clients based out of Florham Park, NJ. I have enjoyed the variety that comes with consulting; seeing the breadth of organizational cultures and values as much as the individual relationships that I have developed with my clients. Most importantly, I can honestly say that I have been able to partner with my life sciences clients to improve health outcomes for patients around the world. 

From the development of patient support services to identification of opportunities for new health economics and clinical studies, our work at Accenture has resulted in a direct impact on patient lives. Additionally, I’m fortunate to also be in the position to share the opportunities Accenture provides through my oversight of Wharton recruiting.

Accenture has afforded me the flexibility to grow professionally and mature personally. To the former, I have transformed from a wide-eyed MBA new hire with a packet of frameworks from my two years at Wharton to a Managing Director that regularly engages with the C-suite of global biopharmaceutical companies in a span of ten years. To the latter, I have had the opportunity and privilege of raising two wonderful children (twins no less!) that are entering second grade this year. Accenture has provided the flexibility to not miss important events and I am afforded excellent benefits and programs that have a material impact on my family. This has never become just a job to me, but has been a very fulfilling career.

I welcome the opportunity to share my experiences and perspectives with you as you explore your options and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity you have before you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or inquiries.

Kenneth Munie
Managing Director
Accenture Strategy
Executive Sponsor, Wharton

Meet the Team

Lee R. Leibowitz
Business Strategy Consultant, Health & Public Service
Philadelphia, PA

Connect with Lee on LinkedIn

Ben W. Rhee
Business Strategy Senior Manager – Products (Life Sciences)
Washington, DC

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn

Brian M. Weigandt
Current Position: Consultant, Strategy - Talent & Organization
Dallas, TX

Connect with Brian on LinkedIn

David Rider
Business Strategy Consultant – Health & Public Service
Washington, DC

Connect with David on LinkedIn

Christie A. Irizarry
Accenture Strategy Consultant – Talent & Organization
Philadelphia, PA

Connect with Christie on LinkedIn

Stefanie Williams
Accenture Strategy Consultant – Talent & Organization
Philadelphia, PA

Connect with Stefanie on LinkedIn

Uzo Idigo
Business Strategy Consultant
New York, NY

Connect with Uzo on LinkedIn

Kenneth R. Munie
Business Strategy Executive – Products (Life Sciences)
Florham Park, NJ

Connect with Kenneth on LinkedIn

John H. Nichols
Accenture Strategy Consultant - Operations
Atlanta, GA

Connect with John on LinkedIn

Jessica S. Smith
Business Strategy Consultant – Communications, Media & Technology
New York, NY

Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn

Andrew J. Ma
Business Strategy Consultant – Communications, Media & Technology
New York, NY

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn

Carly M. Reiner
Accenture Talent Acquisition
Philadelphia, PA

Connect with Carly on LinkedIn

Jeanne C. Simon
Strategic Programs and Operations Manager
Washington, DC

Connect with Jeanne on LinkedIn

Elena K. Boyd
Accenture Strategy Consultant – Talent & Organization
New York, NY

Connect with Elena on LinkedIn

Serena Cheng
Business Strategy Consultant – Products
New York, NY

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Thara Devati
Global Talent Acquisition Manager – Accenture Strategy
Los Angeles, CA

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Oct. 20, All day

Coffee Chats
RSVP: Sign up on Career Path (required)

Oct. 20, 12:00pm

Social Impact Club Panel – ‘Impactful Thursdays’
On campus, RSVP required

Oct. 20, 5:30pm

Information Session
RSVP: Sign up on Career Path

Oct.30, 11:59pm

Accenture U.S. Innovation Challenge – application deadline

Nov.4, 12:00pm

Consulting Club Presentation: Pharma Industry Primer
On campus

Nov.4, 7:00pm

War Stories
RSVP: (required)

Nov.10, 7:00pm

Wharton Women in Business: Chocolate & Champagne Event
RSVP: (required)

Nov.11, 7:00pm

Diversity Dinner
RSVP: (required)

Nov.12, 7:30pm

RSVP: (required)

Nov.14, All day

Accenture U.S. Innovation Challenge – Round 1 case competition
Application deadline Oct 30


First Years’ Internship Application Deadline
Apply on both Career Path AND (required)

Feb.13, All day

First Years, First Round Interviews (Internship)
On campus

Feb.16, All day

First Years, Final Round Interviews (Internship)
Accenture office

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The strategies companies need to be successful in the future are evolving. Accenture Strategy is perfectly placed working at the intersection of business and technology, to deliver real outcomes for our clients and the issues and opportunities they face today. Read a message from Mark Knickrehm, Group Chief Executive, Accenture Strategy for insights on how you can apply your MBA as you work closely with the world’s top organizations. As part of our team, you will also leverage Accenture’s expertise to develop strategies that turn your ideas into actions

Learn more about Accenture Strategy, our work, culture, people and opportunities:

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MBA Careers: Join us at the crossroads

What we offer MBA graduates


We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Job #00252583 - Accenture Strategy MBA Consultant Deadline to apply is Sept. 25, 2014.

If you wish to apply to a role outside of the US please apply directly to our Global MBA position on CareerPath.

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Strategy consulting today requires the ability to see how business, technology and operations all intersect. At Accenture Strategy, you will work closely with the world’s top organizations and leverage Accenture’s expertise in these areas to develop strategies that turn your ideas into actions. With a career at Accenture Strategy you will work with international companies, often at board level, on significant issues across their business.

Our deep understanding of our clients’ industries and our global perspective on progressive business ideas and emerging technologies enables us to drive and deliver transformational change.

Visit to learn more about our services, research and insights, and client successes.

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