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Slovak Republic

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Comenius University, Faculty of Management
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."


What I Do

I work as a consultant at Management Consulting sub-division. The nature of what I do is always highly dependent on the project I am currently assigned to. So far I have taken part in projects dealing with process re-design and organizational optimization or benchmarking, mainly for companies in the utility and energy industries. The nature of a project has a significant influence on my daily tasks. Either I spend most of the day doing analysis in Excel, preparing PowerPoint presentations, meeting clients or brainstorming with my colleagues.

No matter what my tasks are, the work is, in most cases, enjoyable (really) and I feel that what I do is meaningful. As a matter of fact, this is what, in my eyes, makes the biggest difference compared to what my friends tell me about their work life. On the other hand, it is the work that sometimes does not allow me to be on time for a weekend trip departure on Fridays, since a career in consulting is not a standard “nine-to-five job”.

Day in my Life

I usually arrive at work between 8.00 – 11.00 am (depending on the project). As a consultant, I spend a lot of time at client sites so the work environment is continually changing, and Monday mornings may also include traveling to other cities or countries.

I start the day with a cup of coffee and e-mails. If I do not find anything urgent in my mailbox, I normally continue working on a task from the point at which I stopped the previous day. It usually takes a number of days or weeks to finish a presentation or analysis for the client.

Then I have a lunch and another cup of coffee. When I work from our Accenture office, I often challenge my colleagues to play table football or darts.

In the afternoons I either meet clients to obtain project-related information or to present the outcomes of our work and solution concepts. I might also work with my colleagues to organize workshops.

I usually leave work around 7 p.m.; but again, it is project-dependant.

Outside the Office
I like alternative movies, psychological novels, nature, beer and handmade accessories.

My Advice

Accenture and consulting, in general, is suitable for only a certain type of person. Not everyone would find it as fulfilling as I do. Personally, however, I can see a number of positive aspects to a career in consulting. To name just a few:

  1. very diverse and interesting work (in most cases);

  2. opportunities to learn lots of new things;

  3. opportunities for fast career growth;

  4. contact with people who I would probably not come across in a typical corporate career; and,

  5. the responsibility and independence that is given to me every single day.

On the other hand, the work is quite demanding. Working overtime and traveling when necessary are standard expectations. A good consultant must be versatile with an ability to think analytically and to be very skillful with Excel. A good consultant also has to be creative, to be able to come up with out-of-the-box solutions and to be good at presenting and communicating those solutions. A good consultant needs to be capable of learning new things quickly, acting professionally and kindly while in contact with the client. And last but not least, a good consultant needs to be a team player.

A career in consulting is a great opportunity for those who like to be challenged. However, probably the most important thing for a consultant is that he/she finds this role fulfilling, because no benefits or perks are worth doing this kind of work against one’s will.

I trust you will find out more about our core values when you join us.