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Slovak Republic

Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

IT Operations


Economic Diplomacy, University of Economics

"There are so many options how to do something unusual in Accenture and stand out!"

What I Do

I have been working for Accenture Operations practice since I finished my university studies in July 2011. I started as a General Ledger accountant clerk for one of our Finance & Accounting projects in Bratislava and my mission there took about 10 months. Now I’m working as Telecom invoice analyst. My main role is to audit Telecommunication invoices and identify saving opportunities in client’s telecom expenses. In connection to this, it is very important to have a sort of technical skills in the field of telecommunication services and products. Being part of the Tempo (Telecom Expense Management Process Outsourcing) team requires having good communication skills in intercultural context and ability to use these skills in everyday contact with the clients and telecommunication services providers. Working at the Tempo project is very dynamic and it’s exciting to know that I can learn something new every day.

Day in my Life

Every day in my life is different and my work life is not an exception. Since building good relations with vendors and clients is a priority for our team, first thing I do every morning is checking shared emails, which are addressed to the whole team and often include general and extensive requests. The biggest part of my job consists of invoice validation process using our internal tool and identification of potential cost savings or possible billing discrepancies made by the vendors. And that’s the area on which I need to focus my attention because a successful dispute resolution brings a real value for our clients. It is a long and demanding process which involves: identifying the type of billing issue, following up on the disputes, tracking important information and update the inventory.

Very important are also regular calls with our clients and also with the vendors. The calls provide us space to raise our concerns and billing questions.

Except my Telecom agenda, I am also involved in our internal we@Accenture program. It’s a global initiative focused on improving everyday processes and bringing more value by saving time and money for ourselves as well as the clients. Every implemented idea is rewarded and can be spread not only between our deals in Bratislava but also other Accenture delivery centers around the globe. Except monitoring ideas submitted by our team to we@accenture tool, my job is also to support and encourage other Tempo team members to submit as many good ideas as possible, participate in we@ contests and win prizes.

Outside the Office

As the work might be sometimes full of surprises and demanding, everybody needs to relax and enjoy time after work. I enjoy spending time outside with my friends or colleagues. For example we are organizing regular basketball matches, which are rather about meeting colleagues, relatives and friends and having fun, than professional basketball performance. After that we meet for a beer and chat about many interesting things not related to the work. There are also many sports events organized by the Accenture Community team, providing another opportunity to relax and clear one’s mind of the invoices and reports.

My Advice

I would definitely recommend Accenture to very open, communicative and organized people who like challenges, dynamic environment and are able to work in teams. The opportunities to learn and grow personally as well as professionally are virtually unlimited in our company. There are numbers of online and classroom trainings available to our people which help them building several types of soft and hard skills. In addition to being a member of a project team responsible for some everyday tasks, people in Accenture can also become a part of some other teams based on their skills or interests. For example Community team, which prepares interesting social or sporting activities during or after the work, Tech-master community of people interested in high level technical skills and programming, or member of our we@accenture program mentioned before. There are many options for everyone to do something unusual in Accenture and stand out.